General Temporal Forum Service Closure on August 11th.


Dear SUN CLASSIC community,


As you might have already encountered, we have been experiencing consistent technical issues such as cannot write a new post or uploading images on our forum system. Those issues made the forum not able to provide a quality service.


After the review of the forum system with our technical team, we have reached the conclusion that the forum system requires a deeper review. Unfortunately, it requires the forum system to be closed temporarily.


The forum system will not be able to access from August 11th, 2022. We recommended to back up your posts on the forum before the maintenance on August 11th.


In the meantime, our official discord will serve as the sole official community of the SUN CLASSIC. Please use the below link or check the community section at the top menu bar to find the link. We will update you on the forum system once we have any other news from our development team.


Thank you