General The issue on the Ignis Coin from Premium Service Purchase


Dear SUN CLASSIC community,


As it was informed, the amount of Ignis' Coin that comes with Premium Service has changed as below from August 11, 2022.


■ Before: 4 Ignis Coins per purchase

■ Change: 8 Ignis Coins per purchase


However, our team has noticed that the package has given only 4 Ignis Coins to Premium Service buyers since August 18, 2022.


We will send the missing 4 Ignis Coins to everyone who purchased the Premium Service from After maintenance on August 18, 2022, to Before maintenance on August 25, 2022.


We will fix the issue during the maintenance on August 25, 2022. We will be diligent to prevent similar issues in the future.


Thank you.