General Information on the expiry date of temporary paid Pets


Hello! We are the SUN Classic team.


Among the products that are currently being sold in the Christmas sales event, unlike other temporary items, the expiration date of temporary Pets is applied immediately upon receipt in the storage box.


Due to that, it came to our attention that there were users who received 2 types of Pets in their storage box with a set expiration date and were therefore unable to use them.

Since we failed to properly inform you of this setting, we will reissue the received Pets to allow for future use.

Please check the details of the change below.


■ Target

 - Accounts that have received 2 or more Christmas Pets in their storage box before this notice was posted.

  ※ Pets received after this notice cannot be reissued.


■ Target Items

1. Santa Claus Pet (28 Days)

2. Penguin Pet (28 Days)

3. Snowman Pet (28 Days)


■ Method

1. Those who received the Pets before this notice, please apply for the Pet you want to reissue by submitting a ticket.

 1) If you received 2 types of Pets: Request for 1 Pet to be reissued

 2) If you received 3 types of Pets: Request for 2 Pets to be reissued

2. The requested Pet will be sent to the [Event Inventory].

 ※ Re-issuance will be made after checking the actual purchase details and receipt details in the storage box.

 ※ If you receive only 1 type of Pet, re-issuance is not possible.

 ※ However, please note that the expiration date will be set from the moment you receive the Pet in the event inventory.

 Once the expiration date has been set after receiving the Pet through the event inventory, it cannot be reissued again.

 ※ Re-issuance can only be requested once per account.


We apologize for the confusion caused by not informing our users about the setting of temporary Pet items in advance, and we will do our best to prevent this from happening again in the future.


Thank you.