Patch Note

General Patch Note (June 16) (UTC+9)


Dear SUN Classic community,

Please find the detailed patch note below.


■ Patch Note


1. SUN CLASSIC 100-Day Anniversary Item collection is added to the game.


[New Feature]

1. Ranking point system is added to the tournament.

 1) The official season begins with the addition of ranking points.



1. Clear map of the cursed tower is improved.


2. Below buffs in the Blood Temple for the defending side are removed. 

 1) HP increase buff for Ring of Blood, Blood Crystal, Hidden Door, and Outside Door

 2) HP increase buff after defending the Blood Crystal for 10 minutes.


3. Icon image for Ignis' Coin is changed.


4. Tooltip text for Ignis's Coin has changed as Ignis's Coin is no longer available from the attendance reward


5. Coin category of the Item Book is updated.


[Bug Fix]

1. Fixed an issue of the quest shown as completed even when the user used a quest item to complete a different quest.

2. Fixed an issue of the red dot appearing on the ranking menu on the bottom right of the screen.

3. Fixed an issue of an error message that pops up when closing the client.

4. Fixed an issue with the item ownership menu that class match distributes the item without class information to a certain class first.

5. Fixed an issue of guild dungeon is not available in channel 1. Below dungeons are now available in channel 1 again.

 1) Hall of Amusement

 2) Crossing Space of Time


Thank you