Patch Note

General Patch Note (July 14) (UTC+9)


Dear SUN CLASSIC community,

Please find the patch note for July 14 below.


■ Patch Note

[New Events]

1. Summer Event part I [Mysterious Zapir Beach] begins.

 1) Summer-exclusive swimsuits costume is available in the game.

  - Costume merchant NPC now sells swimsuits.

  - The connection Point limit increased to 120 from 60.

  - Daily quest will give 1 connection point as a reward.

  - Swimsuit costume with a better bonus is available in the item shop.

 2) [Mysterious Zapir Beach] is open.

  - 4 difficulties of event dungeon are now available under the event dungeon category.

  - dungeon has a 5 entry limit per day.

  - You can craft the dungeon ticket with 5 raffles. Raffles are drops from field monsters

  - you can purchase the ticket in the ether crystal shop (max 3 per day).

  - You can get the Breath of SUN coin after completing the event dungeon.

  - Event shop is available in the coin shop menu.

  - For details, please visit the below link.

   [Event Page Link]


[Events Ends]

1. Token of the Cultist is no longer available in the game.

 1) Token of the Cultist will be removed from the game on July 21, 2022 maintenance.

2. Aiort Conquest Part III is ended.

 1) 30% EXP Boost

 2) One more chance for the special dungeon!

 3) 100% drop of Accessory Fragments

3. Surprise Event is ended.

 1) Special dungeon entry limit is now back to 1 from 2.


[New Feature]

1. Tournament schedule for July 14-20 is added.



1. Hall of Amusement changes

 1) You can now enter the Hall of Amusement anytime. The entry limit remained 1 per week.

 2) You now need to click the treasure chest to start the Hall of Amusement.

 3) You can now see who will open the treasure chest in the guild log.

2. Ignis' coin shop has renewal.

 1) check the below link for details

  [Ignis' coin shop renewal link]

3. Monster level in Base/Gold conquest battle is increased by 30.


[Bug Fix]

1. Fixed that object HP appears as 1% less when turnover in the Blood Temple.

2. Fixed an issue that removed guild members still getting benefits of guild insignia buff. 


Thank you