Patch Note

General Patch Note (July 21) (UTC+9)


Dear SUN CLASSIC community,

Please find the patch note for July 21 below.


■ Patch Note

[New Event]

1. Enchant Rate 20% UP! event begins

 1) Enchant success rate for gear with +13 to +18 enchant level will increase by 20% from their initial value.

  -12 to 13: increase to 44.4% from 37%

  -13 to 14: increase to 40.8% from 34%

  -14 to 15: increase to 37.2% from 31%

  -15 to 16: increase to 34.8% from 29%

  -16 to 17: increase to 32.4% from 27%

  -17 to 18: increase to 30.0% from 25%


[Event Ends]

1. Token of Cultist item is removed from the game.

 1) Antique Merchant at Waldchen is removed from the game.


[New Feature]

1. Tournament Schedule from July 21 to July 27 is added to the game.

2. Tooltip for event buff items (eel soup, ginseng chicken soup, bingsu, shark fin soup, and mung bean soup) are now showing its day of deletion.



1. In Craft Zard UI, you can now hold on to the + and - button to change the quantity.

2. Waiting time before the Hall of Amusement Stage 1 is decreased to 20 seconds from 120 seconds.

3. You can now craft the ether core point potion in less quantity.

 1) It still requires the same amount of ingredients for the same number of point potions.

4. Pop-up message will appear when there is loading for the party list.


[Bug Fix]

1. Fixed the issue that the system menu is sometimes not working properly with the mouse click.

2. Fixed the issue that the Monster book is not properly working with monsters from the Hall of Amusement.

3. Fixed the issue that the party list shows empty room for dungeons.

4. Fixed the issue that Best of Best ranking statue in Etherain sometime shows in a smaller size.


Thank you