Patch Note

General Patch Note (August 25) (UTC+9)


Dear SUN CLASSIC community,

Please find the patch note details below for August 25, 2022.


■ Patch Note

[New Events]

1. Helon's Castle Battle Support Event has begun.

 1) You can accept/complete the special quest from NPC ‘Mephires the Hermit’ in Aukra Village.

 2) You can obtain battle support reward items as quest rewards.

 3) 300% EXP boost in the area below.

  - Forest of the Beasts

  - Etherain Sewer

  - Frozen Palace

  - Valley of the Dragonkin

  - Aiort Graveyard

 4) Please check the event page for details.

  [Go to event page]


2. The Heim shop event has begun.

 1) You can purchase [Event Coin] from the ‘Coin Vendor’ NPC in Waldchen.

 2) The event coin price is 5 million heim per coin.

 3) After registering the purchased event coin as currency, you can exchange various items in the [Coin Shop → Event].

 4) Please check the event page for details.

  [Go to event page]


3. For Power and Glory! the tournament has started.

 1) Event NPC shop [Bloody Rose] has been added to Etherrain.

 2) A new item [Gladiator's Flag] has been added.

 3) Please check the event page for details.

  [Go to event page]


4. Helon's Castle Update Celebration Event Collection has been added.

 1) You can activate the item collection bonus by registering [Helon's Castle Update Coin] in the Events tab.

 2) [Helon's Castle Update Coin] can be purchased for free once per account in the Item Shop.

 3) Collection Complete Option

  - Max HP +30

  - Max MP/SP +30


[Event End]

1. The Midsummer Night's Bingo event has ended.

 1) [Dungeon (F11) → Special Dungeon → Event Dungeon] has been deleted.

 2) [Production → Other → Event Production] has been deleted.

 3) The Forestian NPC in Etherain has been removed.

 4) Event dungeon ticket quest has been deactivated.

2. Summer-limited swimsuit costumes have been removed from the [Costume Merchant] at Waldchen.


[New Features]

1. A new area [Helon's Castle] has been added.

 1) 3 new field has been added.

 2) 2 new dungeons has been added.

 3) New AC tasks have been added.

 4) New titles have been added.

 5) New quests have been added.

 6) New reputation has been added.

  - Aukra reputation has been added to [Character Information → Fame].

  - The description of the Liberation Army Council's maximum achievement points has been changed to [Achievable up to 34,000 points].

 7) Related production items have been added.

  - Aukra Ether Hardening Agent has been added.

  - Helron's Castle dungeon ticket has been added.


2. [6th] Shirt, Belt, Gloves, Protector, Ring, and Necklace have been added.

 1) New crafting options have been added.

  - Awakening Additive Lv6, Guardian Crystal Lv6, and Evolution Stone Lv6 have been added.

  - Awakening Additive, Guardian Crystal, Evolution Stone Recipe Lv6 → Lv5 have been added to the [(Enhancement Material Exchange)] category.

 2) 6th items are added to the Item Collection.

 3) The 6th items are added to the item book.


3. Guild Battle has been added.

 1) The fields below are now assigned for the Guild Battle

  - Path of Alchemist, Incomplete Memorial, Frozen Garden, Crater of Blood, Heretic Basement Altar.

 2) You can apply for an attack in the [Guild Menu → Guild Management → Manage Occupied Area] tab every Monday to Saturday, from 12:00 to 24:00.

 3) Time for Guild Battle: Saturday 21:00-21:30

 4) Guild level 3 or higher and only guilds within the top 50 guild rankings can participate.

 5) Please check the guide for details.

  [Go to Guide]


4. [Guild Mission → Hall of Nightmare] has been added.

 1) Every Tuesday/Thursday, regardless of time, you can enter once a day.

 2) At first, you can enter only level 1, and 1 King's Token is required to enter.

 3) If you have cleared the previous stage, you can enter next stage the next Tuesday or Thursday.

  ex) Clear Stage 1 on Tuesday → You can challenge Stage 2 on Thursday.

 4) The Hall of Nightmare can only be opened once a day.

  ex) If the guild opens stage 1 on Tuesday, the guild cannot open stage 2 even if they cleared stage 1.

 5) The Hall of Nightmare ends when the boss monster is defeated, or the time limit has expired.

  - After 5 minutes from the end, all guild members will teleport out from the dungeon.

 6) Please check the guide for details.

  [Go to Guide]


5. New conflict zone [Land of Eerie Silence] has been added.

 1) You can teleport to the land of eerie silence by using a waypoint in towns.

 2) Only level 100~110 characters can teleport to the map and cost 180,000 heim.

 3) Boss and Captain monsters appear twice a day, at specific times.

  - Spawns between 10:00 and 10:30 and disappears after 30 minutes.

  - Spawns between 23:00 and 23:30 and disappears after 30 minutes.


6. [Crafting → Accessories → Transcend Special Accessories] has been added.

 1) Transcend Special Accessories crafting has been added.

Material 1

Material 2




[5th] special accessories Lv5 (Awaken Level 9)

Transcend Evolution Stone x10


5,000,000 heim

[5th] Transcend Special Accessories Max

 2) Transcend Evolution Stone crafting has been added.

Material 1




Transcend Evolution Stone Piece x10


100,000 heim

Transcend Evolution Stone x1

 3) Transcend Evolution Stone Piece drop from below.

  - Land of Eerie Silence

  - Hall of Nightmare

  - Hall of Amusement


7. Level cap increase to 110.

 1) AC reward for level 110 has been added.

  - Ether Crystal x200

  - Aura of Provocation x50

  - [High-grade] Equipment Repair Tool x3

  - Blessing of Goddess x3


8. The maximum skill level has been extended to level 9, and some skill balances have been adjusted.

 1) Required points for level 1 to 7: 1

 2) Required points for level 8: 2

 3) Required points for Level 9: 3

 4) Berserker [Defender Mode] skill is now damage nearby enemies.

 5) For skills whose effects can no longer be increased, the effects of levels 1 to 9 have been readjusted.


9. You can now summon up to stage 6 in Cross Space of Time.


10. [Dimensional Fragment] has been added to the red daily quest reward.

 1) You can now obtain some of the Dimensional Fragments you need per day through daily quests.


11. [Skin/Etheria Extraction Book] has been added to the Ether Crystal Shop.

 1) You can purchase once per week.

 2) Price: 5 Ether Crystals


12. Tournament schedule from August 25 to August 31 has been added.


13. Item Book and Monster Book have been updated.


14. [Transcend Evolution Stone Piece] is added to the Hall of Amusement reward.


15. 100-Day Anniversary coin is added to the Ignis Coin Shop.

 1) Only able to purchase once a month

 2) Price: 2 Ignis Coin



1. You can now use the mount in the Gold Conquest Battle.


2. All red daily quest rewards have been changed.

 1) With the addition of Helon's Castle daily quest, the maximum number of [Ether Crystals] from the daily quest has been adjusted to not exceed more than 60.


3. The amount of crystals obtained from the 6th equipment crystallization has been changed from the previous equipment.

 1) Normal: 1

 2) Rare: 10 → 5

 3) Elite: 30 → 20

 4) Unique: 80 → 85

 5) Legend: 200 → 220


4. Aiort Graveyard field and dungeon monsters have been nerfed by 30% in the following category.

 - HP

 - Min/Max Attack

 - Skill ATK, base DEF


5. The town tooltip text color has been changed on the continent map.


6. The location of the cash item slot in the character information UI has been changed.


7. Equipment acquisition notification message has been changed.

 1) Remove 3rd weapon/armor/ring/necklace/equipment box (Elite, Unique, Legend)

 2) Add 6th Armor/Ring/Necklace/Equipment Box (Elite, Unique, Legend)


8. The Hall of Amusement schedule has been changed.

 1) Current: Tuesday, Thursday

 2) New: Monday, Wednesday


9. Below dungeon's first clear EXP is increased.

 1) Forest of Beasts

 2) Etherain Sewer

 3) Frozen Palace

 4) Valley of Dragonkin


[Bug Fix]

1. Fixed the issue where the previous character's reputation and reputation information was displayed when changing characters.

2. Fixed the issue that the item icon changed to black when the quick slot item is used all.

3. Fixed the issue that SD recovery potion and Instant recovery potion share the same cool time.


Thank you.