Patch Note

General Patch Note (October 6) (UTC +9)


Dear SUN Classic community,


Please find the patch note for October 5th maintenance below.


■ Details

[New Feature]

1. Tournament schedule added from October 7th – October 19th.

 1) Settings are the same as before.



1. [Special Dungeon → Boss Raid → Schwartz Framme] is changed.

 1) Changes to summoned monster.

  - Iron Warrior→ Guard

  - Iron Archer → Warlock

  - Death Apostle → Winged Warrior

 2) ATK and DEF of boss monster ‘Schwartz Framme’ are increased.


2. The HP of below monsters has been decreased.

 1) Helron's Castle [Proliferous Cells in the Mid Level] quest summoned monsters

 2) [Story Dungeon → Helron's Castle [Sub 3] Mission The Desperate Resurrection Ritual] Ordinary, Leader and Elite Monsters

 3) [Special Dungeon → Boss Raid → Dragon Knights Captain & Great Priest of Darkness] Leader and Elite Monsters


[Bug Fix]

1. Fixed an issue of 4-6th equipment box giving 3rd equipment from conquer all areas daily quest.


Thank you