Patch Note

General Patch Note (November 03) (UTC+9)



Welcome to the beginning of a new era with SUN Classic.


Here are the Patch Notes for the Regular Maintenance on November 3rd, 2022.


■ Maintenance Patch Notes


1. The SUN CHIP event has begun.

 1) Please refer to the event page below for details.

[Go to event page]


[Functions Added]

1. Guild Dungeon > Hall of the Devil was added.

1) You can enter every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

2) As with the existing guild dungeons, you can enter freely once a day without a set time.

3) Please refer to the guide page below for details.

[Go to Hall of the Devil guide page]


2. Weapon/Armor, Grade 8-9 Accessory Zard.

1) Grade 8 Zard: Synthesize 4 Grade 7 Zards

2) Grade 9 Zard: Synthesize 5 Grade 8 Zards

3) Please check the detailed stats in 'Item Encyclopedia > Zard'.


3. Grade 1 Zard Cube Synthesis has been added.

1) If you put 15 Grade 1 Zards of the same type and 1 'Zard Conversion Reagent' in a cube and synthesize them,

    you can randomly obtain 1 random Grade 1 Zard.

2) Zard Conversion Reagent can be purchased as follows:

    - You can purchase 'Zard Conversion Reagent' from the General Merchant in each town

    - Can be purchased at 'Currency Shop > Ether Crystal > Convenience Item

3) Both Weapon/Armor Zard and Accessory Zard can be used.

4) Example)

 - If you try to synthesize cubes with 15 Grade 1 Plentifulness Zards and 1 Zard Conversion Reagent,

 you will get one type of Grade 1 Zard out of 11 types of Weapon/Armor Zards.


4. 3 types of [6th] Transcended Accessory for each class have been added.

  1) Detailed information can be found in the Item Guide.


5. Crafting related to [6th] Transcended Accessory has been added.

  1) Transcended Evolution Stone Lv.2

    - Material 1: Transcended Evolution Stone Fragment x30

      - Success rate: 50%

      - Cost: 200,000 Heim

     2) [6th] Transcended Accessory

      - Material 1: [6th] Lv.5 Awakening 9 Wing or Kalbus' Armlet or Chaos Eye x1

      - Material 2: Lv.2 Transcended Evolution Stone x10

      - Success rate: 100%

      - Cost: 10,000,000 Heim


6. Tournament schedule from November 4th to the November 16th was added.


7. The 6th Equipment Operator NPC has been added to Aukra Village.


[Changes in Functions]

1. The items sold that the coin shop below have been changed.

1) Ether-Crystal Shop

2) Ignis’ Coin Shop

3) Guild Coin Shop

4) Please refer to below announcement for more details.

[Go to Announcement]


2. [Guild Dungeon → Daily Dungeon → Crossing Space of Time] has been changed.

1) Boss monster will not appear as the number of party members but one.


3. Special characters cannot be used when creating character name or guild name.


4. The rewards for the ‘Guild Dungeon- Hall of Amusement’ and ‘Guild Dungeon- Hall of Nightmares’ have been renewed.

1) Please refer to guides below to find out changes.

[Go to Hall of Amusement Guide]

[Go to Hall of Nightmare Guide]


5 Terrain which used to make character movement difficult has been improved.

1) Monster Colosseum

2) Helron's Castle Fields (Nirvelle Swamp, Bronze Moon City, Lower Level, Upper Level, 1st Floor)

3) Helron's Castle Story Dungeons (Contaminated Shrine, Identity of the Black Ether, Desperate Resurrection Ritual)


6. The level of monsters in the the Land of Eerie Silence has been increased.

1) Previous: 105 ~ 110

2) Changed 115 ~ 120

3) With the level increase, monster stats have also been increased.


7. The effect on the Etherain statue has been deleted.


8. Creating a guild is restricted while 1 day re-joining penalty due to withdrawal or expulsion is in progress.



[Bugs Fixed]

1. Bug where the cost of Grade 7 Zard Removal was not being applied has been fixed.

2. Disband Guild bug fixed.


Please check details above carefully and refer to them when playing the game.

We will continue do our best to provide a pleasant and enjoyable environment for our players.


Thank you.