HOT TIME! Burning event


Dear community,


It is burning hot time with SUN Classic!

Get free buff from the pillar of crystal every day! Do not miss EXP boost from the pillar on weekend!


■ Event date: March 10th, 2022 (TH) after MT-TBA [UTC+9]


■ Event details

1. During the certain time of the day, you will be able to get buff from the pillar of crystal.

Pillar activation time Buff name Buff Premium service 
12:00~13:00 /
Base ATK 10% UP 20% UP
Base DEF
Skill ATK
Movement Speed

2. Pillar of Crystal buff will last for an hour.

3. Buff will be removed when character died. You need to visit the pillar of crystal again for new buff.


■ EXP Boost event

1. EXP boost will be on certain time during event.

Day Time EXP Boost
Friday 20:00~23:00 30% UP
Saturday 12:00~14:00
Sunday 12:00~14:00

2. Boost will be apply to all users in game.


200% EXP Boost

 ▶ 200% EXP boost will be on for level 1 – 110 characters when defeating all types of monster

Thank you