The Ember that formed in the middle of the Void eventually grew strong enough to engulf its surroundings and split it in two.

Of the two worlds that came to be, the one with the brighter energy ascended while the other with the darker energy descended,

and scholars of the past named them the "Upper Dimension" and "Lower Dimension" respectively,

while naming the life-giving energy found in both dimensions, "Ether".

Dimensional Rifts were found between the Upper and Lower Dimensions after a long time.

In these Rifts were "Mirror Dimensions" that had the qualities of both the Upper and Lower Dimensions,

and such Mirror Dimensions also had Ether and life inside them,

but were finite worlds ultimately to be absorbed into either of the two Dimensions.

Of the beings from the two Dimensions that were exiled to the unstable Mirror Dimensions

were Humans, who were highly adaptive and successfully managed to settle.

However, the Human sages found out Mirror Dimensions would eventually disappear

and sacrificed themselves using "The Great Spell" to delay their world's extinction.

After settling, the Humans established various kingdoms and fought long wars,

with the Altheim Kingdom ultimately emerging victorious

and peacefully reigning over the land for the next 1000 years.

The 1000-year peace comes to an end with the start of the war between Altheim and the House of Roshfelt,

and near the end of the war which lasted around 100 years, both sides end up losing to the Demons (Beings exiled from the Lower Dimension) led by Emperor Schwartz.

With the territory of Altheim and the Roshfelts, Schwartz gains control over most of the land and establishes the Geist Empire,

beginning a 500-year tyranny with military strength as its foundation.

About 500 years later, in a small backwater village named Waldchen.

A woman in a black robe visits the local pub, where many adventurers (Players) gather.

She has gathered adventurers to share an effective plan to fight against the Empire,

thus forming a Human resistance centered around "Ignis".