Conquer the Midsummer Night's Forest!


Dear SUN CLASSIC community,

Please find the details of Conquer the Midsummer Night's Forest! event below.


■ Event details

 ▶ Date & Time: August 11, 2022 (after maintenance) - August 25, 2022 (before maintenance)

 ▶ Anyone can participate in the event by simply just clearing the event dungeon. The reward will grant per the number of times you clear the dungeon.

 ▶ Rewards

Clear time



10 ~ 19 times

High Purity Abrasive


20 ~ 29 times

Water Ether Crystal


30 or more

Ether Hardening Agent


 ※ Event rewards are only available once per account. 

 ※ Rewards will send to the event inventory of eligible characters, and it is not available for account storage.

 ※ Rewards will not send to the character if the character is deleted.

 ※ If there is more than one character clearing the event dungeon, the character that clears the dungeon more will be eligible for rewards.

 ※ If participating characters in the same account have the same number of dungeon clears, the character with a higher level will be eligible for rewards.

 ※ You will be eligible for lower tier rewards once you reached the higher tier goal.

  EX) If your character is cleared more than 30 times, you will be eligible for High Purity Abrasive x20, Water Ether Crystal x10, and Ether Hardening Agent x5.


Thank you