A Winter Night Valley Dungeon Conquer Event


Dear SUN CLASSIC community,


We’ve prepared an Event for the adventurers that are looking to conquer the Event Dungeon, the Winter Night Valley.


Conquer the Event Dungeon and also Acquire Rewards.


Please refer to the details below for more information on the event.


■ Conquer the Winter Night Dungeon! Event

 ▶ Event period: From December 1, 2022 (Thursday), after maintenance, to December 15, 2022 (Thursday), before maintenance

 ▶ Event target: All accounts

 ▶ Event content: Rewards will be granted based on the Winter Night Valley Dungeon Participation Count during the Event.

 ▶ Reward day: During Thursday, December 22, 2022

 ▶ Reward per Participation Count Status

Participation Count

Reward Items

Amount Granted

10 - 19 Times

High Purity Abrasive Crystals


20 - 29 Times

High Purity Abrasive Crystals


30 Times or above

High Purity Abrasive Crystals


  ※ Event Rewards are granted only once per account. (Also once per Server)

  ※ Reward items are delivered to the Character’s Event Inventory and cannot be moved to the account storage.

  ※ If the Character is non-existent at the time of the Reward Grant, the Rewards will not be granted.

  ※ Participation Count applies for each Character, and using 2 Characters in a single Account will not add up the Count.

  ※ If 2 or more Characters in a single Account have participated in the Event, The Character with the highest Participation Count will get the Rewards.

  ※ If 2 or more Characters in a single Account have the same amount of Participation Counts, the Character with the highest Level will get the Rewards,

      and if the Levels are also the same, the Character that has most recently Participated in the Event Dungeon will get the Rewards.

  ※ The Rewards for reaching the Participation Count and all subsequent Rewards will also be granted.

    Ex) If the Participation Count is at 27, the Milestone Rewards, the 20 High Purity Abrasive Crystals, are added with the 10 subsequent ones to grant Players a total of 30 Crystals as Rewards.


Enjoy December, the last month of 2022 together with the Events from SUN Classic.


Thank you.