Ignis' Treasure House Event Information


Hello! We are the SUN Classic team.


Ignis' Treasure House has been discovered!


Enter the Treasure House where Lucky Monster holding AC Items lurk

to defeat the Lucky Monster and claim the AC Items.


■ Event Period: From May 25, 2023 (Thu) to June 15 (Thu) / Based on regular maintenance schedule


■ Event Content

1. You can enter the Event Dungeon by using an exclusive Entry Ticket.

 1) You can only enter the Event Dungeon once per day.

 2) Tickets for the Event Dungeon can be purchased at the General Store in each town for 300,000 Heim.

2. Upon entering the Event Dungeon, a total of 3 Lucky Monsters will appear.

 1) Lucky Monsters that appear are random.

3. Once a Lucky Monster appear, you must defeat it before it escapes.

 1) After a certain amount of time, the Lucky Monster will run away and the next Lucky Monster will appear.

4. When entering the Event Dungeon, a special trigger will automatically be activated.

 1) When the trigger is activated, 2 types of monsters appear with a certain chance.

 2) When the special trigger is activated, 3 consecutive Decayed Mutants will appear with a certain chance.

 3) When the special trigger is activated, 3 consecutive Slimes will appear with a certain chance.

5. If all Lucky Monsters that appeared have been defeated, get a [AC Item Random Box] as an additional reward.

 1) AC Item Random Box holds AC Items found at areas from Forest of Beasts to Greenwood Plateau.


■ Monster Appearance Info

1. Default Monsters

 1) Appear with 30% reduced HP compared to Lucky Monsters that appear on the field.

2. Special Monsters

 1) Decayed Mutant: Appears with 50% reduced HP.

 2) Slime: Appears with 20% reduced HP.

3. Monsters in the Event Dungeon will drop AC Items of the corresponding area.

4. Similar to the field, when you defeat the Lucky Monster that appears in the Event Dungeon, the related AC is started.


We hope you enjoy the Treasure House Event Dungeon where Lucky Monsters prowl.


Thank you.