Sky Path Hills Update Support Event


Hello, we are the SUN Classic team.


Enjoy SUN Classic even more with the Support Event!


To celebrate the update of the beautiful new region, Sky Path Hills, we have prepared an event that will support your gameplay.


■ Event Period: From July 11, 2024 (Thu) to August 08, 2024 (Thu) / Based on regular maintenance schedule


■ Attendance Event:

1. Character that meet the following conditions during event will be rewarded.


Period (Based on regular maintenance schedule)

Condition (Identical for all Rounds)

Reward Items (Identical for all Rounds)

1st round

July 11, 2024 ~ July 25, 2024

Attendance reward acquired: 10+ times

Accumulated playtime: 120+ hours

Red Reagent x5

2nd round

July 25, 2024 ~ August 08, 2024

2. Playtime is based on acquired Connection points.

 1) 1 Point Acquired = 1 Hour Playtime

2. After acquiring 60 Connection points, you can no longer gain additional points. Hence, playtime after that will not be counted.

 2) Please use your Connection points if they are full.

3. Attendance is counted when character login is confirmed, measured in days.

4. Items are rewarded only once per account.


■ Dungeon Entry Count Limit Increase Event

1. Dungeon entry count limit for the following dungeons will be increased during the event.

 1) All Story Dungeon Max. entry count limit +1

 2) All Special Dungeon Max. entry count limit +1

2. Entry count limit of those dungeons will be increased to 3 and will revert back to the original limit of 2 after the event ends.


We hope that Sun Classic will be more enjoyable with the support event.


Thank you.