GM Note​

Update Preview - Greenwood Plateau


"Join the Ardor Expedition aboard an incredible flying vessel."

Hello, adventurers!

My name is [GM]D.NA and I'm here to introduce you to our next update.


As you know from the previous Ruined Etherain update, the destination of the Ardor Expedition is the legendary [Serient Continent].


The next update is the first area of Serient Continent, Greenwood Plateau!


As a new area is added, of course, the next level of equipment will also be added.


Today, we will look into the areas within the new "Greenwood Plateau" region and also introduce the 7th equipment.


Please note that the contents introduced today may change slightly when the actual update is made.

Please refer to the details below for more information!


1. New area added (1st part)

 1) 3 types of fields

  - Kortoq Coastline

  - Galenoa Jungle

  - Noble Scarlet Cave

 2) New Kortoq Village

 3) New Dungeon (3 types)

  - Securing the 1st Base

  - Power Struggle

  - Source of Contamination


2. [7th] Equipment added: All Types


3. Highest Level Expansion

  - 120 → 135


4. New Content

  - Pet Transcendence System


In the Greenwood Plateau update, new areas, dungeons, 7th equipment and maximum level expansion will also be offered, so you can become even stronger.


Now, let's check the images of each area and the 7th equipment.


Chapter1. New area added (1st part)

■ Kortoq Coastline and Kortoq Village

After learning of the existence of an old airship dock in the Kortoq Village, the Ardor Expedition decided to use it as a bridgehead to advance onto the Serient continent.

Kortok Village where ruins of an old airship dock lay.

The Kortoq Coastline is moderately dry and hot, just like the Hawaiian coast.

This is an area that you can encounter when you first enter the Serient continent where the wilderness is alive and breathing.

This is where players begin their adventure in the Serient continent.


■ Galenoa Jungle

The Galenoa Jungle is known as the only route to enter the Serient Continent's main city.

In order to receive a large number of supplies and troops from the Brakion continent, the expedition feels the need for a larger urban base and wants to recapture the city that is the center of the Serient continent but has already been occupied by Ignis.

The lush, paradise-like Galenoa Jungle.

Here, adventurers must fight fierce battles with the Bloody Fang tribe, a hostile indigenous people ruled by the logic of power and loyal only to the strong.


■ Noble Scarlet Cave

In an urgent situation where the road to the city is blocked by the indigenous tribes of the Galenoa Jungle, an epidemic spreads in the village of Kortok.

The cause of the plague outbreak is drinking water, and after finding out that all drinking water comes from Noble Scarlet Cave, the expedition heads to the cave to solve the case.

Adventurers who enter the cave to remove the contaminant will encounter various species, including animals and plants in the cave that have become violent due to the contaminated water.


Chapter2. [7th] Equipment

The [7th] equipment that can be obtained for the first time on the Serient continent!

Let's check out the images first!


■ Dragonknight

■ Mystic

■ Valkyrie

■ Berserker

■ Shadow

■ Elementalist


■ Witchblade

■ Helroid

Following to the regional concept of Greenwood Plateau, the overall appearance of the equipment is reminiscent of insects and flowers.

You can join the adventure on the Serient continent to obtain powerful equipment! Are you excited?


Chapter3. Highest Level Expansion

In the 1st part of the Serient Continent update, the highest level will be raised to 135.

In order to obtain the newly added 7th equipment you have to level up while adventuring on the Serient continent!

Raise your level by completing quests and story dungeons in the Serient Continent, and also farm equipment at the same time!


Chapter3. New Content

In addition to equipment, level upgrades, and region additions, another new content is added in this update!


"Pet Transcendence System"


I would like to be able to tell you more about this content, but the details are still not ready to be disclosed.

I hope you all understand.


However, I can tell you that this is a system where you can get a stronger pet than the current one!

I will introduce the transcendence system in a little more detail later if there is a chance!


Finally, the first area of the new Serient Continent, “Greenwood Plateau”, will be updated.


I would like to be able to give you more details as I know this preview is not enough to answer all your questions...

But isn't curiosity what makes things worth the wait?


We know that many people are waiting for the next update, so we’ll bring it to you as soon as possible!


If you wait a little bit longer, we will give your more details of the update through the patch notes!


That's all for today!

I will end this GM note here and Iook forward to meeting you again with more great news!


See you next time! Bye!