GM Note​

Update Preview - Greenwood Plateau Part 2


Hello, adventurers!

My name is [GM]D.NA and I'm here to bring you the latest news!


Today I came to tell you some additional details about the Serient Continent “Greenwood Plateau” update.


Now, shall we get started?


Chapter1. First, the update schedule!

The Greenwood Plateau update, the first area of the Serient continent where a new adventure is set to begin, will be held on March 9, 2023 (UTC+9)!

We will do our best to keep to the schedule that we have announced!


After the update, starting from level 117, you will be able to enter the Greenwood Plateau by using a Flying Vessel in Aukra!

For the adventurers who have not reached level 117 yet, please make sure to achieve level 117 before the update!


1. Update Schedule: Thursday, March 9, 2023

2. Greenwood Plateau Entry Level: Level 117


However, players at Lv. 117 can only enter the first fields of Greenwood Plateau, [Kortoq Coastline] and [Kortok Village], and must reach Lv. 120 to enter the later fields of [Galenoa Jungle] and [Noble Scarlet Cave].


We recommend you try to surpass Lv. 117 before the update!

We hope you're looking forward to March 9!


Chapter2. Changes in [7th] Equipment

After the preview was released, many adventurers gave their feedback on the appearance of Berserker's weapon!

The feedback was that Berserker's weapon appearance should be changed to a “chicken leg” shape with a more powerful appearance.


So, we reviewed the overall appearance of weapons and armor for each class once again, and decided to change the weapons for Berserker and Valkyrie.


You can check out the pictures for the new weapons below!

The weapons have been changed to a more fitting and powerful-looking appearance!


Chapter3. Pet Transcendence

As we announced in Part 1 of the Preview, Pet Transcendence will be added to the game!

Pet Transcendence is a system where you can transcend a Legendary pet and evolve it into an even more powerful pet!


But there's more! Some of you may have guessed, but along with Pet Transcendence, Legendary pets will be added, and a grade evolution system will also be added to make it easier to acquire Legendary pets.


The grade evolution system is a system that allows you to evolve your pet's grade.

You can think of it simply as the same system used for Equipment Evolution but for pets!


Additionally, we are planning to improve it so that [Evolving Seos] can also be obtained through it, although the probability will be low!


[Common Pet → Rare Pet → Elite Pet → Unique Pet → Legendary Pet → Transcended Pet]


Transcendence can be achieved through the process above.

For other Transcendence conditions and Evolution methods, please check the guide scheduled to be released on the day of the update!


As for the Legendary pets which will be added...

Aren't they cute?

(If you think they look familiar... you're right!)

Chapter4. Convenience Functions

Has this ever happened to you during Auto Combat?


You want to go somewhere, but to get there, you have to close Auto Combat and start it again after moving, making the whole process more complicated than it should be..

Or having combat start suddenly by targeting a monster while Auto Combat in on...


With this update, you'll be able to move to your destination by clicking on the location you want to move to during Auto Combat, all the while defeating your enemies before you even arrive at your destination.


Additionally, a UI where you can check the activation status of the EXP Event and Pillar of Crystal Event

will also be added for your convenience.


Also, "that" item which many adventurers have been requesting and waiting for.

I'm talking about... [CL..CLAS…CLASS...]


Well, unfortunately, that's all I can say about the update for today!


But don’t worry, the day you have been waiting for is almost here!


There are also several events planned for the day of the update, so please just wait a little bit longer!


That's all for today!

I'll come to you again in the future with more fun and exciting news!


See you next time! Bye!