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Boares Mountains and 9th Equipment


Hello. Adventurers!

Long time no see! [GM]D.NA hereto bring you the latest news!


It's already been two months since adventurers entered the second region of the Serient Continent, the Spirit's Shelter.


In the Land of Eternity, the spirit's shelter, you discovered the fountain of knowledge, acquired various information,

and succeeded in blocking the supply route to Old Esmara, occupied by Ignis, on the Astorea Forest Road.

And after hearing the news that an access road to Old Esmara had been discovered in the Ancient Sanctuary,

we explored the Ancient Sanctuary, but you confirmed that Ignis had already achieved her goal and left.


Now adventurers must recapture Old Esmara to continue pursuing Ignis!


Today, I would like to introduce the next area, [Old Esmara],

the first area of the Boares Mountains, and also introduce the 9th equipment.


Please check the details below.


1. New Area Added

 1) Boares Mountains - Old Esmara

 2) Story Dungeon added


2. 9th Equipment


Chapter1. Town - Esmara

This town, located in an alpine area, is protected by high mountains on three sides 

and is built using ancient stone masonry techniques, making it look like an ancient ruin.


The expedition members will be provided with the supplies and information needed to recapture Esmara and chase Ignis there.


Chapter2. Field - Old Esmara

Old Esmara is a field located in the center of the Serient Continent

where adventurers will go through many hardships to reclaim Esmara.


Objects containing the technology of ancient people are placed throughout the field,

so you will feel like you are exploring ancient ruins!


Chapter3. [9th] Equipment Appearance

■ Berserker

■ Dragonknight

■ Shadow

■ Valkyrie

■ Elementalist

■ Mystic

■ Helroid

■ Witchblade

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