GM Note​

A big change in the Consignment Store!


Hello, adventurers!

[GM]D.NA here to bring you the latest news!


You must have been quite surprised to see a GM Note so soon after the preview of the Boares Mountains was posted!


This time, I'd like to introduce you to something I wasn't able to talk about in the last preview!


As you can see from the title, the content I'm introducing today refers to some changes in the Consignment Store!

To minimize confusion when the actual changes occur, we would like to introduce the reorganized content in advance!


The changes to the Consignment Store are almost complete, but there are still internal improvements that need to be made. Therefore, when the actual update is made, there may be some differences from the content introduced in this GM note!


Now that we're clear on that, let me tell you about the changes to the Consignment Store!

Stay tuned!


Chapter1. Diversification of Trade Items

Currently, the items that can be traded at the Consignment Store are somewhat limited, so unfortunately, trades are not very active.

So, we plan to activate trades at the Consignment Store and diversify trade items so that adventurers can more easily obtain the items they need!


I'm sure you still have some questions...

To give you a sneak peek, I infiltrated the development team and brought you a screen that is currently being developed.

Here it is! This is the sales registration screen.

I believe that those of you who have played SUN Classic for a long time will notice right away!


That's right!

Now you can trade enhanced equipment items by registering them at the Consignment Store.

According to some rumors I heard, in addition to enhanced equipment, the trade of decorative items and transcendence-exclusive materials is also being developed.

I also heard that tradable items will be added little by little as trends are monitored after the Consignment Store update..!


But! It's not final yet, so let's keep it a secret for now!


Chapter2. New Currency!

While looking at the images and content of Chapter 1, you may have thought:

"If it's an enhanced item, considering the current market price, trading would be difficult, right?"


"Among the items registered for sale in the image, there seems to be a currency that's not Heim!"


You are right!

From now on, items with higher value will begin to be traded, but as it is expected that trading with Heim alone will be difficult, a new currency will be added!


The new currency will be mainly used for trades at the Consignment Store and will be updated so that it can also be used to purchase cash items through dedicated stores.


Of course, Consignment Store trades will be updated so that everyone can use them, but the new currency will be provided by being included when purchasing certain products using Wcoin!

Since this is a currency for trading high-value items as well as a currency for purchasing cash items, we ask for your understanding that we have no choice but to provide it in a somewhat limited manner!


Chapter3. Changing Consignment Store!

In the third chapter, we will look at trade methods using the new currency and the new Consignment Store UI.


■ Item Purchase

If you look at the red square at the top of the image, you can see two icons.

These are icons representing the new currency and existing Heim, respectively.







※ The shape of the icon and the name of the new currency are not yet confirmed and may change during updates.


When you select the currency you want to trade among the two icons above, items that can be traded with that currency will be displayed.


As before the changes, when you select the item you need, a purchase pop-up window will be activated, and you can make a trade using the purchase button.


Once a trade is completed, we cannot provide any assistance in returning it to its previous state, so please double-check whether the currency you want to use and the item you need are correct before trading an item!


■ Item Sale

Registering an item for sale is the same as the existing trade through Heim.

When registering a sale, a commission is deducted according to the sales period and amount set, just as with existing Heim sales.

However, the sales registration fee is deducted from Heim, not Soul. ← Important!

Please note that the fee will be determined based on a certain percentage by comparing the value between Soul and Haim!


At the time of settlement, the amount with the fee deducted is calculated in the same way as Heim, but the fee for the settlement amount is deducted from Soul, not Heim. ← Important!!


This may be a bit confusing, so I'll try to summarize it.


1. Fees for registering Soul sales: Heim deduction based on Soul amount and period

2. Fee for Soul settlement: Soul deducted according to the settlement amount


In other words, if you have acquired a great item, you can trade the item using the Soul Consignment Store as long as you have enough Heim, even if you do not have Soul.


Ah! And lastly, level restrictions will be applied to using the Soul Consignment Store!

This means that only characters who have achieved a certain level can use the Soul Consignment Store.

This is to prevent abuse cases such as low-level characters acquiring large amounts of Soul using only the Soul Consignment Store, so we ask for your understanding!


Well, that is all I have for today!

The Soul Consignment Store is still going through internal testing and development.

We will speed up the final steps so that we can present it to our players as quickly as possible.


I will come back with more news and information soon.


See you next time! Bye!