General Compensation for the daily quest disabled


Dear community,


We have noticed there is an issue with the daily quest, and we have disabled the quest while we are fixing the issue. As a makeup for your inconvenience, we will compensate as follows:

■ Ether Crystal

1. Eligibility

1) Every account that has been created from March 10th to before maintenance of Match 17th.

2. How to claim

1) Visit the Item Shop (\) and go to the Storage tab

2) Claim your compensation

3) Compensation will be removed on March 24th


■ Melias' Offering

1. Date & Time: March 17, 2022, after maintenance-March 24th, 2022, before maintenance

2. How to claim

1) Visit the Item Shop (\) and go to Free Melias' Offering tab

2) purchase it with 0 wcoin

3) It has 22 hours of cooldown for purchase. Please visit the tab again after 22 hours to get another one (Cool time start once you purchase the item).


We apologize for any inconvenience from the daily quest being disabled.


Thank you