General User with bad/illegal behaviors


Dear community,


It has been a joy for us to see many users are visiting and playing SUN Classic since the launch. However, as many users are playing SUN Classic, we are seeing users with bad or illegal behaviors as well.


The main behaviors that would lead you to suspension are:

1. Chat spammer that advertising the real money trade for in-game assets.

2. interrupting other players by using illegal programs to make a group on the field and dungeon.


To keep the game service stable and healthy for users, we will be more intensive in action. We would like to inform you once again that such behaviors would lead you to be banned from the game permanently.


We also would like to thank you for all of your reports on this issue. We will be quick on your report for it, but we also would like to ask for your understanding that it would take time for action.


We also like to inform you that we have opened a discord channel to report users for the above matter.


Thank you