General Regarding King's Token item


Dear SUN Classic community,


We have noticed that King's Token item is currently available to purchase at the Ether Crystal shop after April 7th maintenance.


King's Token is an item required to enter the Hall of the Nightmare, which is the new guild dungeon that will introduce with the next update.


King's Token is planned to release as a non-tradable item as it is a dungeon ticket, but there was an error that caused this item to be tradable.


We will retrieve all King's Token in the game on the next maintenance. We also recommend not purchasing King's Token from the consignment store.


If you already purchased King's Token from the Ether crystal shop, we will refund the crystal that you spent for purchasing the King's Token on April 14th maintenance.


※ Refunded crystals will be sent to the character that purchased the crystal.


We are sorry for your inconvenience.


Thank you