General Regarding the issue with crystal items after awakening


Dear SUN Classic community,


We have noticed the issue of crystal items remaining in the inventory after being used for awakening the item. Please find the details of the issue below.


■ Issue details

1) Crystal item icon does not disappear after using all crystals for awakening.

-Example: If the character has 24 guardian crystals in the inventory and the character awakens the Tier 3 item 2 times.
the item's awaken level is now 3 as it used 24 crystals, but 12 guardian crystals seem to remain in the inventory
when it is not there anymore.


2) Items that have the issue: Destruction Crystal, Guardian Crystal, and Magic Power Crystal


3) The number of crystals in the inventory will show correctly when you log in again.


We will be diligent in our effort to deliver the fix as quickly as possible.


Thank you