General April Best of Best TOP10! Winner Announcement


Dear community,


After thoroughly checking all competitors for the race, we are thrilled to announce the winner of the TOP 10 ranking for April.


Please find the winners of the April TOP 10 race below!


■ April TOP 10 Winner

Rank Character Name Rewards
1 寒江孤影 4th Equipment Exchange Event Ticket x5
or [4th] legend weapon x 1
2 太子 4th Equipment Exchange Event Ticket x4
or [4th] legend armor x2
or [4th] unique armor x4
3 剪影影 4th Equipment Exchange Event Ticket x3
or [4th] legend armor x1 and unique armor x1
or [4th] unique armor x3
4 斬殺. 4th Equipment Exchange Event Ticket x2
or [4th] legend armor x1
or [4th] unique armor x2
5 人想害朕
6 TomCruise京 4th Equipment Exchange Event Ticket x1
or [4th] unique armor x1
7 Pink美美
8 叉叉
9 寒冰女王
10 死x磕


■ Submit the ticket with your choice of reward from May 4, 2022, to May 31, 2022.

■ April TOP 10 reward will not be available after May 31, 2022.

■ Your requested reward will deliver to the storage.

■ How to claim your reward

If your character is in the ranking, please follow the below steps.

 1. Go to submit ticket page

 2. Write your class, rewards you want to claim in the ticket (For armor, make sure to write the specific part)

 3. Wait for the reward to be delivered


※ You may experience an unexpected log-off from the game when the reward is delivered.

※ Please note that if you select the actual item, the item will be low-grade with random options.

※ Reward is not subject to exchange once it is claimed.


Thank you