General Abusing Issue on Heim Shop


Dear SUN CLASSIC community,


The team has noticed that, after September 1 maintenance, a number of accounts abused the Heim Shop system and took unfair advantage of the Grade 3 Zard Box item.


The team has banned related accounts to inspect any unfair advantages that banned accounts might take. We will also take action on accounts if needed.


■ Investigation and action details

- The team will investigate all related accounts and withdraw any items or other advantages they took from the abuse.

- We aim to finish the investigation in 7 days from September 2, 2022. The ban on related accounts will lift once the investigation is over.


※ Investigation could take more than 7 days due to the amount of investigation needed.

※ Penalty on the account could get heavier depending on the result of the investigation.

※ There will be no compensation for any activated limited-time item while the account is banned.


We will be diligent in the investigation to prevent any innocent victims in this matter.


Thank you