General Special crackdown taking place on players using unofficial program


Dear SUN CLASSIC community,


We have found out that there are players using abnormal program which gives damage to the game environment. Also, the act of using this abnormal program is spreading in the community and influencing in a negative way to others.


It has been confirmed that the number of players using abnormal program is gradually increasing even there was a crackdown on accounts,


Due to above fact, we are planning to raise a level of the crackdown so that stronger crackdown can be made.


Through logs of using unofficial program in PvP or any other abnormal program found, including Chaos Zone, there will not be a warning but will be restricted permanently according to service policy.


If you find any sense of using abnormal program, reporting with below information will be a great help.

 - Screenshot

 - Required information included in the screenshot: date, time, channel, system message window

 - Server and character name of a player who you would like to report.

 - Please attach the screenshot as the original jpg extension.

 - When reporting content (Conquest Battle, Chaos Zone, etc.) that can only be used during a specific time period, please indicate the access time


Please join us to create better and fair environment.


Thank you