General Notice Regarding Abnormal Use of Zard Synthesis


Hello! We are the SUN Classic team.


We have identified accounts that made unfair profits by synthesizing jade through abnormal methods,

and the use of those accounts has been restricted.


Zards obtained through abnormal methods can have a significant impact on the balance of SUN Classic,

so please understand that we will further investigate and take corrective measures regarding the Zards that have been obtained unfairly.


■ Corrective Measures

1. Retrieval of Zards obtained unfairly


■ Retrieval Method

1. Users affected must apply for the suspension of restrictions through a ticket once they verify that their accounts have been restricted.

2. Once the ticket is confirmed, use restrictions are temporarily suspended for 72 hours.

3. While use restrictions are temporarily suspended, delete the unfairly obtained Zards directly

4. Submit a ticket indicating the deletion of the Zards

5. Once the actual deletion is confirmed through the game data, the use restriction will be removed.

 ※ This is a method that provides faster processing, so we ask for your understanding.

 ※ Tickets will be processed sequentially based on receipt.

 ※ Processing may take longer if there are a large number of tickets.

 ※ Permanent restrictions will be imposed if you do not apply for the suspension of restrictions.

 ※ Permanent restrictions will be imposed if you do not delete all of the correspondent Zards once the restrictions are temporarily suspended or if you do not submit the confirmation of deletion ticket.


We will do our best to prevent any damage to our other users through a thorough investigation and handling of this issue.


Thank you.