General Notice on upcoming Equipment Rating Renewal


Hello. We are the SUN Classic team.


The Equipment Rating Renewal is scheduled for the next update,

and we are letting everyone know beforehand to prevent confusion

as there could be changes to the Current Equipment Ratings.


1. [Improvement in Point Balance Among Options]

 1) [Improvement in Calculating Point Balance Among Options]

  - Some Options that were calculated to be higher than others will be renewed to be balanced out.

  - Options that are counterparts to each other are also set to be balanced out.

  - Awaken / Enchant related points are also set to be renewed, so that they are calculated in more detail.


2. Addition of Equipment Rating Fields

 1) The Option Effects for Zards in Equipment will be included in calculating Equipment Ratings.

 2) The Option Effects for Active Toggle Items will be included in calculating Equipment Ratings.

  * Toggle Items : Items Activated from the inventory such as Pets or Badges


The Equipment Rating Renewal may cause increases or reductions in Equipment Ratings

depending on the options of the current equipment.


Please understand that we cannot reveal the specific calculation methods.

Please refer to this notice and we hope there will be no complications.


Thank you.