General [Add] Notice on Follow-Up Measures Regarding the Zard Synthesis Bug


Hello, we are the SUN Classic team.


The Bug has been reexamined and the appropriate measures will be taken according to the results.


Unlike last time, we will retrieve the Items ourselves,

based on the examinations with the purpose of retrieving all Zards of Players that have taken advantage of the Zard Bug.


■ Zard Synthesis Bug Follow-Up Measures

1. Player Suspension: Temporary Suspensions

 1) Suspension Time: Based on time when current Notice was posted

 2) Suspension is due for 7 Days minimum, and the period can be extended depending on the retrieval schedule.

  ※ For more accurate processing, the usage limit has been extended by 7 days. (05/25)

  ※ After that, the use restriction will be terminated as soon as all subjects are processed, and we will notify you through a separate notice when the process is completed. (05/25)

2. Retrieval Process: Retrieval carried out for all Zards of Players who abused the Bug

 1) Equipped Zards

 2) Zards in Storage

 3) Zards in Personal Storage

 4) Zards of other Characters in the same Account

 5) Excludes the number of Zards retrieved in Dec. of 2022 and applies to the number of only those acquired afterwards

3. 7-Day Suspension ends when retrieval is complete during the 7-Day period

 1) Suspension period can be extended up to 15 Days maximum if retrieval is not complete.

4. Further notice through additional notices on completing retrieval


We are terribly sorry for your troubles regarding the Zard Synthesis Bug.


We will make sure to

do our best to prevent this from happening again in the future.


Thank you.