General Notice of Distribution of Additional Character Name Change Tickets


Hello. We are the SUN Classic team.


During the Server Merge on May 25th, the names of the characters were changed

and players were given Character Name Change Tickets.


Since the tickets were free items, they have currently been deleted.


However, as it has come to our attention that there were many players who could not change the character name due to unavoidable circumstances,

we have issued Character Name Change Tickets one more time.


■ Schedule: Tuesday, August 24, 2023 (Thu)

■ Location: Character Event Inventory

■ Target: Any character with a [SUNCL_number] character name

■ Date of Deletion of Character Name Change Ticket: During the December 28th, 2023 (Thu) Maintenance

■ Caution

1. Items given for free will be deleted according to the scheduled deletion date.

2. If special characters, characters in unsupported languages, or unusual characters are included in the character name,

    disadvantages such as omission of event items may occur, so please refrain from using them.

3. Spaces, periods, etc. are considered special characters.


For those who have not been able to change the character name so far, please change the name before deleting the item.


Thank you.