General Notice regarding crafting of Melias' Offering


Hello. We are the SUN Classic team.


The Crafting Recipe for Melias' Offering was removed through the patch on September 21st (Thursday).


However, Melias' Insignia is issued every day when purchasing Premium Service (28 days) products,

and since the Crafting Recipe has been removed, there is no way to craft it into Melias' Offering.


The following will be taken as follow-up measures regarding this issue.


■ Follow-up measures

1. After maintenance on September 27, 2023 (Wed), daily products given when purchasing Premium Service (28 days) will change.

 1) Melias' Insignia -> Melias' Offering

 2) Those who purchased the product before the maintenance on Wednesday, September 27th will receive Melias' Insignia until the product ends.


2. Addition of a Crafting Recipe that can change Melias' Insignia into Melias' Offering

 1) We will try to add the Crafting Recipe as quickly as possible.


We would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused to our players due to the removal of the Melias' Offering Crafting Recipe.


Thank you.