General Notice Regarding Achievement Status in Renewed Fortune Event (Oct 04)


Hello. We are the SUN Classic team.


You must all be curious to know the achievement status of the Renewed Fortune Event!


So we are here to inform you of the maximum Enchant value

and Item Collection achievement status of the event item [Soul Crystal (EVENT)] within the server.


The achievement status will be announced for two weeks,

but please note that it will no longer be announced starting from two weeks before the end of the event.


■ Soul Crystal (EVENT) Maximum Enchant Value

1. As of 23:59 on October 03, 2023 (UTC+9)

2. Maximum Enchant Value: +16


■ Item Collection Achievement Status : 19 types achieved


We hope this notice will be helpful to our players.


We hope you have a great day,

and please continue to enjoy the Renewed Fortune Event!


Thank you.