General Notice on changes to Ignis' Coin policy


We are the SUN Classic team.


In the previous notice of temporary suspension of the Consignment Store, we informed you that with the update of the Soul Consignment Store, Ignis' Coins would be converted into Soul.


However, since the products sold at the Soul Store and the Ignis' Coin Store are different, we thought that some adventurers might want to purchase the products from the Ignis' Coin Store. For that reason, we have decided to change the Ignis' Coin Policy after internal discussions.


■ Changes in Policy

1. Before

 1) Ignis' Coins that were not used before the reorganization will be converted to the new currency [Soul] during maintenance on April 18, 2024.

2. After

 1) Ignis' Coin and Ignis' Coin Store will remain available until maintenance on May 30 (Thu), 2024.

 2) Unused Ignis' Coin will be deleted during maintenance on May 30 (Thu), 2024.

 3) New products will be added to Ignis' Coin Shop


■  New Products at Ignis’ Coin Shop

Item Name



Vitality Recovery Potion Lv. 7



Rejuvenation Potion Lv.7



Mana Recovery Potion Lv. 7




We apologize for any confusion in using the game due to the policy change, and we hope that you will check the notice to avoid any issues.

Thank you.