General Notice regarding suspension of sales of regular items in the Item Shop


Hello, we are the SUN Classic team.


On April 18th, a new currency, [Soul], was added, making it possible to purchase regular products sold in the Item Shop at the Soul Store.


To minimize the confusion and inconvenience you may experience due to products being sold in both the Item Shop and Soul Shop, the sale of regular products in the Item Shop will be discontinued.


Afterwards, regular products will only be available for purchase at the Soul Store, so please check the schedule below.


■ Schedule of suspension of sales of certain items in the Item Shop

- May 30, 2024 during regular maintenance


■ Info regarding Item Shop products

1. Discontinued Products:

 1) All regular products sold at the Soul Shop, such as equipment enhancement, Enhancement/Crafting products, etc.


2. Available Products

 1) Maintenance Rewards

 2) Sales/Event Products

 3) Starter Packages

 4) Costume Items

 5) Weekly Packages

 6) Currency Items (Soul/Adventurer Coin)

 7) Premium Service


Please refer to the above schedule so that there won't be any confusion while using the game.


Thank you.