General [Completion] Maintenance (June/28 15:00~16:00)(UTC+9)


Dear Community,


SUN Classic will be poerforming maintenance at the time below, during which SUN Classic will be unavailable to access nor play.


 Date & Time: June/28, 2024 15:00~16:00 [UTC+9]

 ※ Above time subject to change.

 ※ We will update you when maintenance time changes.


 Contents: Issues Fixed

1. Disappeared items will be added to the ether crystal store.

 1) Dimensional Fragment

 2) Unstable Azrael's Cube 

2. Fixed the phenomenon of not attacking monsters until they arrived at the selected coordinates if they were out of the combat range with different coordinate choices in the automatic combat 'partial' state.


 Affect: SUN Classic service unavailable


■ Maintenance Completed time: June/28 at 16:00 (UTC+9)

Thank you.