General Measures for the prevention of payment fraud damage


Hello. We are the SUN Classic team.


Recently, there have been cases where fraud damage is being caused by the trade of MY CARD for dishonest purposes.


MY CARDs obtained from an unreliable source may have been purchased using the money of fraud victims.

For that reason, if Wcoin recharge using such MY CARD is detected, game access restrictions may be applied. Please be cautious of this matter.


To avoid creating innocent victims, please refrain from private transactions and use regular procedures for your purchases.


Furthermore, please check the information below to prevent further fraud victims.

1. Do NOT perform transaction on someone else's behalf or ask someone to perform a transaction.

2. Do NOT use unofficial programs.

3. Do NOT share your account or personal information with others.


We ask for your caution and cooperation in order to protect your rights and prevent the appearance of any more innocent victims.


Thank you.