General Advance Notice of Character Skill Change


Hello, we are the SUN Classic team.


There will be changes to the character skills in the next update.


Inside the Sun Classic team, we have been agonizing for a long time to improve the balance between Class.


We would like to proceed with skill changes so that the individuality and concept of each Class can be highlighted a little more and you can have a richer experience.

Hope that more diverse Class will be selected in the game through skill change.


In addition, we will do our best to continuously improve the balance between Class through your suggestions and internal discussions.


The skill will be initialized according to the skill change, and we will inform you in advance. 


■ Skill change details

1. Raise conditions to learn the skills in the next row

 1) Level 10 → Level 20


2. Skill Maximum Level Extensions

 1) Level 9 → Level 11


When updating the skill change, the skill initialization of all characters during maintenance will be carried out.

In addition, there may be other changes, and more details will be informed through the patch note later.


I will try to make sure that you always have a fun experience at Sun Classic.


Thank you.