Patch Note

General Patch Note (June 23) (UTC+9)


Dear SUN CLASSIC community,

Please find the patch note for June 23 below.


■ Patch Note


1. Below events are starting from June 23 after maintenance to July 14.

2. "Build a Totem" event is started.

 1) You can earn "Heretic's Token" from the field.

 2) Build your Deadman's Totem with Heretic's Token to level 4 Totem.

 3) Please find more details on the event page.

3. EXP Boost 30% event time will be extended. (All times are subject to KST)




19:00 ~ 23:00


19:00 ~ 23:00


19:00 ~ 23:00


19:00 ~ 23:00


19:00 ~ 23:00


12:00 ~ 14:00

19:00 ~ 23:00


12:00 ~ 14:00

19:00 ~ 23:00


4. Special dungeon will have one more entry

5. Story dungeons will drop accessory fragments 100%.

6. Coin shop event category will use [Tournament Coin] during Be the Ultimate event.

 1) You can earn the tournament coin by participating in the tournament event.

 2) You can purchase various items at the event coin shop with tournament coins.

 3) Please find more details of the event from the following link

  [Go to Event Page]


[Event Ends]

1. SUN CHIP event has ended.

 1) [Collector Lumiel] is removed from Etherain.

 2) SUN CHIP quest has been disabled.

 3) Monsters will no longer drop SUN CHIP.

 4) Dungeon will no longer offer SUN CHIP for clear.

2. Dungeon AC mission event has ended.

 1) Event category in AC menu is disabled.

 2) Aiort dungeon boss will no longer drop Deadman's Token

3. SUNtacking Cube event has ended.

 1) SUNtacking Cube is no longer available from Alchemist Hain

 2) Tickets will no longer drop from the game.

[New Features]

1. New special dungeons are added to the game.

 1) Boss Raid - the Great Priest of Darkness

 2) Cursed Tower - Trial of Fire

 3) Monster Colosseum Lv. 2

2. Tier 5 Special Accessories are added to the game.

 1) Wings

 2) Kalbus's Armlet

 3) Chaos Eye

3. New Special dungeon tickets and crafting items are added to the game

 1) Boss Raid - Great Priest's Challenge

 2) Cursed Towe - Fire key

 3) Monster Colosseum - Monster Colosseum Ticket Lv. 2

 4) Tier 5 special accessory enhancement items

4. New items are added to the item book.

 1) Dungeon tickets for new special dungeons

 2) Tier 5 special accessories

5. New monsters are added to the monster book.

 1) The great priest of darkness

 2) Ruler of Fire

 3) Demon Emperor

6. New Aiort Daily Quests are added to the game.

 1) Kill the great priest of darkness

 2) Clear the Monster Colosseum Lv. 2

 3) Clear the Trial of Fire

7. New AC missions are added to the game.

 1) AC > Area Conquest > Aiort Graveyard > Clear the great priest of darkness

 2) AC > Achievement > Dungeon > The Great Priest of Darkness 1

 3) AC > Achievement > Dungeon > Trial of Fire

 4) AC > Achievement > Dungeon > Monster Colosseum Lv. 2

8. Tournament schedule for June 23 - 29 is added to the game

9. Lever to summon monster in the free battle zone.

 1) You can summon or unsummon the Scarecrow with a lever.

 2) Scarecrow's HP recovers itself and is immune to attack when its HP is below 20%.



1. Item shop UI is changed.

 1) [Receive All] button on the item shop storage will only claim the item on the screen.

 2) To receive all items in the storage, you need to scroll down to check all items first, then click the [Receive All] button.

2. Default loot option for the party is changed to "Free Loot"

3. Blood Temple is now deactivated.

 1) All Blood Temple ownership is now reset.

4. Accessory fragment will no longer show level on the upper right of its icon.

5. SD recovery potion has a new icon.


[Bug Fix]

1. Fixed stuck on the map issue at "Toward the Hall of Darkness" dungeon.

 1) You now need to kill all monsters to open the road to the next step.

2. Fixed a bug that sometimes the character moved to the inside of the cursed stone chamber map when the character had not arrived at the portal.

3. Fixed the issue of using runestone while the party is entering the dungeon could crash the client.

 1) You are no longer available to use the following to move when your character is ready for dungeon.

  -Scroll of Recall


  -Map teleport from Premium Service

  -Using field portal

4. Fixed an issue that monsters in the Aiort graveyard field do not drop AC Collection items.


Thank you