Patch Note

General Patch Note (July 6) (UTC+9)


Dear SUN CLASSIC community,

Please find the patch note for July 6 below.


■ Patch Note


1. Melias' Secret Garden daily entry limit will increase to 2 from 1 during the following period.

 1) July 6, 2022 - Before maintenance of July 14, 2022,

[New Feature]

1. Tournament schedule from July 7 to July 13 is added to the game.

 1) Schedule for each tournament will be the same as before.

2. Azrael's CUbe is added to the game. You can reset the item's ATK and DEF grade with Azrael's Cube.

 1) Azrael's Cube: The grade will not decrease from the item's current grade.

 2) Unstable Azrael's Cube: The grade could fall from the item's current grade.

 3) You can find the odds of Azrael's Cube from the below link.

  [Azrael's Cube Odds Rate]

3. Unstable Azrael's Cube is added to the Ether Crystal Shop.

 1) You can purchase 1 Azrael's Cube daily.

 2) Price: 9 Ether Crystals


1. Crafting UI has been renewed.

2. Buff potion names changed. The low and medium-level buff potion will now have the same name.

 1) Elixir of Magic → [Low] Elixir of Magic, [Medium] Elixir of Magic

 2) Elixir of Augmentation, Berserk Elixir → [Low] Elixir of Augmentation, [Medium] Elixir of Augmentation

 3) Elixir of Bravery, Elixir of Destruction → [Low] Elixir of Destruction, [Medium] Elixir of Destruction

 4) Elixir of Protection → [Low] Elixir of Protection, [Medium] Elixir of Protection

 5) Elixir of Recklessness, Elixir of Awakening → [Low] Elixir of Awakening, [Medium] Elixir of Awakening

3. Icon improvement on Elixir of Magic

4. Item Book change on buff potion

 1) Buff potion will no longer show the same information for each category. It will now have only the Berserker category for information.

 2) Token of the Cultist will place under the Totem item.

 3) Preview will now only show the totem instead of the character.

5. Melias' Secret Garden Renewal

 1) Melias' Secret Garden will now drop all materials for special accessories every day.

 2) Weekly amount of material is not changed.

 3) Daily material drops from the Melias' Secret Garden are now an equal amount of material every day at 1/7 of the weekly total amount of materials.

6. Ether Crystal Shop no longer drops sell Melias' Insignia.

7. Connection Point Reward drop rate changed.

 1) Melias' Sacrifice x1 change to 0.6% from 0.5%

 2) 5 Elemental Ether x10 change to 1.89% from 2%

8. Item Book data changed for special accessories.

9. Item Book date changed for badge materials.

[Bug Fix]

1. Fixed the party list that could not show more than 40 parties on the list.

2. Fixed the tournament delete button that appears on the tournament UI.

3. FIxed the following issues with the party leader in the solo party.

 1) Fixed the issue that runestone and premium service teleport is not working occasionally.
 2) Fixed the issue that the error message of the premium service teleport appears continuously when world map (B) is open.


Thank you