Patch Note

General Patch Note (August 11) (UTC+9)


Dear SUN CLASSIC community,

Please find the patch note details below for August 11, 2022.


■ Patch Note

[New Event]

1. Summer Event part 3, Midsummer Night's Bingo begins.

 1) Event rewards are added under the event category in the Coin Shop.

 2) Event items are added under the Other category in the Crafting menu.

 3) Event NPC [Forestian] is added to Etherain.

 4) Bingo board is added to the game.

 5) Please find more details of the event from the below link.

  [Midsummer Night's Bingo Event Page]


[Event Ends]

1. Totem of the Dead series is removed from the item book.

2. Summer event part 2 is ended.

 1) Totem of the Dead Lv. 1-4 are removed from the game.

 2) Summer accessory box ticket is removed from the game.

 3) Popsicle weapon crafting book is removed from the game.

 4) Token of Faithful is removed from the game.


[New Feature]

1. You can now bookmark the item in the item collection.

 1) Bookmarked collection will show at the top of the UI.

2. Battleground flag item is now available in the Ignis' Coin Shop.

 1) Price: 30 Ignis' Coin

 2) Available to purchase only once a week.

3. New tournament schedule is added for August 11-24.

4. New item is added to the item book.

 1) [Premium] Ether Core Point Potion



1. Premium Service Change - Runestone integration

 1) Premium Service is now integrated with the runestone system.

 2) You can use waypoint (Y) when activating the premium service.

 3) If you already use runestone, you can use it until it is expired.


2. Premium Service Change - Premium Accessories integration

 1) Premium accessories bonuses are also integrated with premium service.

 2) Some options have changed with integration. Please check the below table for details.

 3) Premium accessories slot and item are removed from the game.





All stats


Base ATK +50


All Elemental ATK



Skill Enhancement



Max Damage Chance




Movement Speed



Heim Acquisition




Craft Success Rate





3. Pet loyalty system change

 1) Pet is now stay summoned when satisfaction is 0.

 2) Pet will no longer give bonuses when satisfaction is 0.

 3) Loyalty will not increase and quality feed is not able to use when satisfaction is 0.


4. Now the item icon with skin will show as a skin icon.


[Bug Fix]

1. Fixed an issue that wings and costume on/off sometimes do not work properly in the character information UI.

2. Fixed an issue that in-game announcement does not appear properly when it is longer than a single line.


Thank you