Patch Note

General Patch Note (Jan 25)(UTC+9)



Welcome to the beginning of a new era with SUN Classic.


The following are the January 25, 2024 (Thu) Regular Maintenance Patch Notes.


■ Maintenance Patch Notes

[New Events]

1. The Spirit's Shelter Final Update AC Event has begun.

 1) Please refer to the event page below for details.

  [Go to event page]


2. The Year of the Blue Dragon, Lunar New Year’s Fortune Event has begun.

 1) Please refer to the event page below for details.

  [Go to event page]


[Ended Events]

1. The New Year Pet AC Event has ended.


[Functions Added]

1. [Story Dungeon → Spirits' Shelter → [Main] Spirits' Shelter] has been added.

 1) Only characters over Lv. 144 can enter.

 2) Relevant Main, Daily and Area Conquest Daily Quest have been added.

 3) Relevant AC and Titles have been added.


2. [Special Dungeon → Boss Raid → Corrupted Montrose] has been added.

 1) Only characters over Lv. 143 can enter.

 2) Related AC has been added.


3. Special Accessory [8th] Fantasy Wings have been added.


4. [Crafting → Admission → Boss Raid → Montrose's Challenge] items have been added.

 1) Materials 1: Boss' Challenge x1

 2) Materials 2: Dimensional Fragment x38

 3) Cost: 10,000 Heim

 4) Success Rate: 100%


5. [Artisan’s Equipment Box (Spirit's Shelter)] item has been added to the 8th Equipment Exchange Shop in Kortoq Village.

 1) Four 8th Equipment Exchange Tickets are required.

 2) You can obtain one of the 8th Helmet, Armor or Weapon of your class.


6. New items and monsters have been added to the Monster Encyclopedia and Item Encyclopedia.


7. The Tournament Schedule from January 26th to February 7th has been added.

 1) Tournament specifics are the same as before.

 2) The Guild Tournament is scheduled to reopen at a later date, and we will notify our players when it opens through a separate path note.


8. Attendance rewards for February have been added.


9. A notice to delete the Collection Effect has been added to the tooltip of the Year of the Dragon event pet.

 1) Year of the Dragon pet-related collection effects will be deleted during maintenance on December 26, 2024.


10. The following have been added to the [Crafting→ Badge → (Material Exchange)] category.

 1) Ether Reagent → Elemental Crystal

  - Material 1: Ether Reagent x5

  - Success Rate: 50%

  - Result: Elemental Crystal x1

 2) Elemental Crystal → Ether Reagent

  - Material 1: Elemental Crystal x5

  - Success Rate: 50%

  - Result: Ether Reagent x1


[System Changes]

1. Dungeon have been separated into a separate category in [AC → Achievements].

 1) Dungeon categories are divided into three types as follows.

  - The Continent of Brakion

  - The Continent of Serient

  - Special Dungeon


2. The components of the AC Reward [Treasure Box of Spirit] have been changed.

 1) Bronze Coin of Lost Empire x10

 2) Rochel's Silver Coin x10

 3) Mega Stone x1

 4) Lv. 7 Vitality Recovery Potion x100

 5) Lv. 7 Mana Recovery Potion x100

 6) Lv.7 Instant Recovery Potion x100


3. The battle message has been changed to include pet information.

 1) The damage caused by the summoned pet and the amount of HP Recovery are displayed.


[Issues Fixed]

1. The issue where skills registered in the Auto Combat settings were not used intermittently has been fixed.

2. The issue where skills registered in auto combat were not used for a certain period of time when a Valkyrie pet died has been fixed.

3. The issue where the respawn time of the Ancient Sanctuary field boss monster was set longer than other areas has been fixed.

4. The issue where monsters respawn in locations that are inaccessible and unattackable in the field has been fixed.


Thank you.