Patch Note

General Patch Note (Feb 08)(UTC+9)



Welcome to the beginning of a new era with SUN Classic.


The following are the February 08, 2024 (Thu) Regular Maintenance Patch Notes.


■ Maintenance Patch Notes

[New Events]

1. The Lunar New Year Boss Monster summoning event begins.

 1) Please refer to the Event Page for details.

  [Go to event page]


2. The Valentine's Sale has started.

 1) Please refer to the event page below for details.

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[Added Content]

1. [Serient Weapon/Armor Token] crafting has been added to the [Crafting → Other → Item Collection] category.

 1) Brakion Weapon/Armor Token x10 → Serient Weapon/Armor Token x1

 2) Success Rate: 40%

 3) Cost: 10,000 Heim


2. The Tournament Schedule from February 09th to February 21st has been added.

 1) Tournament specifics are the same as before.


[System Changes]

1. The pattern of the [AC → Dungeon] category has been changed.


2. Low-Grade and Mid-Grade items in the [Crafting → Ether Core → Point Potion] category have been deleted.


3. Changes have been made so that if you do not move for 1 hour while in a party, you will be automatically withdrawn from the party.


4. Changes have been so that monster that require too much detouring during Auto Combat are not longer targeted.


5. Equipment Awakening, Evolution attempts have been improved.

 1) Chances have been made to activate again after enhancing the active Pet or Badge.

 2) Improvements have been made to allow registration by right-clicking on the active item in the Character Info Window.


6. [Item Collection → View Settings] has been rearranged to prevent blank spaces in the middle of the list.


[Issues Fixed]

1. The issue where the current Liberation Army Council Fame could be higher than the maximum value has been fixed.

 1) EXP required to achieve the "Great" Grade for the Liberation Army Council has been changed from 43,000 to 52,875.

 2) The maximum amount of EXP achieved by the Ardor Expedition has been changed from 10,000 to 12,500.

2. The issue where the Conquest Battle buff effect and SUN Ranking effect were not hidden when in invisible mode has been fixed.

3. The issue where the [Absorption] effect, obtained with the Dragonknight [Soul of Dragon] skill, was deleted due to some monster skills has been fixed.


Thank you.