Patch Note

General Patch Note (Mar 07)(UTC+9)



Welcome to the beginning of a new era with SUN Classic.


The following are the March 7, 2024 (Thu) Regular Maintenance Patch Notes.

  Deeply apologize that the patch note registration on the 7th was omitted. 

[New Events]

1. The 2nd Anniversary AC Event and Lucky Monster Dungeon Event begin.

 1) Please refer to the Event Page for details.

  [2nd Anniversary AC Event Info]

  [Go to The Lucky Monster Dungeon event page]


[Added Content]

1. The Tournament Schedule from March 8th to March 20th has been added.

 1) Tournament specifics are the same as before.


[System Changes]

1. The HUD notification text at the bottom of the Item Collection has been changed.

 1) Equipment Tab: Red Dot Notification (Equipment)

 2) Item Tab: Red Dot Notification (Item)


[Issues Fixed]

1. The issue where a Weapon Skin Voucher would disappear after right-clicking on it in the Inventory has been fixed.

 1) The Weapon Skin Voucher has been modified so that it cannot be used by right-clicking.

2. The issue where the Pet animation would stop has been fixed.

3. The issue that occurred when using the Shadow Soul Control skill has been fixed.

 1) The issue where the relevant message was not being displayed when the number of summoned pets exceeded the maximum has been fixed.

 2) The issue where, after cancelling a summon when the number of summons hit its maximum, you could no longer summon until you moved maps has been fixed.


Thank you.