Patch Note

General [Add Content] Patch Note (April 18)(UTC+9)



Welcome to the beginning of a new era with SUN Classic.


The following are the April 18, 2024 (Thu) Regular Maintenance Patch Notes.


[New Events]

1. The [Esmara Dungeon Conquest AC Event] has now begun.

 1) Please refer to the event page below for details.

  [Go to event page]


2. The [SUN CHIP Event] in commemoration of the Update has now begun.

 1) Please refer to the event page below for details.

  [Go to event page]


[Event Changes]

1. The EXP Fever Time Event’s Level Range for the 200% EXP Boost has been changed.

 1) Previous: Level 1 - Level 134

 2) Current: Level 1 - Level 138


[Ending Events]

1. Season 3 of Land of Eerie Silence has ended.

 1) The Shop in [Currency Shop → Eerie Tokens] is now closed.


2. The [2nd Anniversary Totem Event] has now ended.


[Added Content]

1. The Boares Mountains Area is now accessible.

 1) The Old Esmara Field has been added.

 2) The Story Dungeon “[Sub 1] Capture the Capital” has been added.

 3) Relevant AC has been added.

 4) Relevant Titles have been added.

  - Added Titles : Boares Mountain First-timer

 5) Relevant Fame has been added.

  - Character Info → Reputation →  Boares Mountains

 6) A Crafting Recipe for Story Dungeon Entry Tickets has been added.

  - Craft → Entry Ticket → Story Dungeon → Boares Mountains Entry Ticket

 7) Related Monster Book has been added.

  - Monster Book → Boares Mountains


2. [9th] Weapons, 8 Types of Armor, Rings, and Necklaces have been added.

 1) Transcendence Grade has also been added for Equipment.

 2) Crafting for Lv.9 Materials has been added.

Crafting Category

Added Crafting

Enhanced → Awakening Additive

Awakening Additive Lv.9

Enhanced → Guardian Crystal

Guardian Crystal Lv.9

Enhanced → Destruction Crystal

Destruction Crystal Lv.9

Enhanced → Evolution Stone

Evolution Stone Lv.9

Enhanced → (Material Exchange)

Awakening Additive Lv.9 → Lv.8

Guardian Crystal Lv.9 → Lv.8

Destruction Crystal Lv.9 → Lv.8

Evolution Stone Lv.9 → Lv.8

 3) [9th] Equipment Challenges for the Item Collection.

 4) [9th] Equipment and related items have been added to the Item Book.


3. The Town Old Esmara has been added.

 1) It can be accessed from the Old Esmara Field starting from Level 146.

 2) The [9th] Equipment Operator NPC has been added.


4. A total of 5 new Zards - 3 for Weapons & Armor and 2 for Accessories have been added.

 1) All 5 new Zards can be Synthesized up to Grade 10.

Zard Type

Zard Name

Zard Option

Weapon & Armor Zards

Rift Zard

Decrease Opponent's Base DEF

Iron-Armor Zard

Decrease Damage (%)

Endurance Zard

Damage Debuff RES (%)

Accessory Zards

Piercing Zard

Armor Piercing (%)

Fate Zard

Debuff Success Rate (%)

 2) Please check the Item Book(Shift + M) in-game for details.


5. The Item [Unbinding Scroll] has been added.

 1) It can be used to Unbind Legendary or Transcendence Grade Weapons and Armor.

 2) Can be used up to 250 Times a Day, Use Limit Resets Everyday at 00:00.

 3) Because Zards cannot be Traded, Weapons and Armor that have Equipped Zards also cannot be Traded via Consignment Store etc. even if Unbound.

  - Unbound Weapons, Armor with Zards Equipped: Cannot Be Traded through Consignment Store, Dropped on the ground, Attached to Mail, or Stored in Guild Storage


6. Attendance rewards for May have been added.


7. The Tournament Schedule from April 19th to May 1st has been added.

 1) Tournament specifics are the same as before.


8. The [Swift Attack] Wasted Journey Reward for the Helron's Castle Special Quest has been added.

 1) You can accept it from the [Helron's Castle Archivist Asteria] NPC in Aukra.

 2) You can proceed after completing the quest below.

  - [Swift Attack] Helron's Castle

  - [Swift Attack] Upper Level 4

 3) Only 108-119 level characters can be accepted.

  ※ A Swift Attack quest has been added to help you reach level 120 and quickly reach the Greenwood Plateau,

      but it has been confirmed that some experience points are missing, so you can obtain the missing experience points through this quest.


[System Changes]

1. The Consignment Store has been renewed.

 1) A new Currency [Soul] has been added that can be Used other than Heim in Trades.

 2) The Currency Used in Trades is classified into either Soul or Heim depending on the Type of Item.

 3) The Currency Used based on the Type of the Item can be checked from the Menu below.

  - Consignment Store → Search → Detailed Item Search

 4) The Items that use [Soul] as the Currency require Heim when being Registered while the Sales Fee will be calculated in [Soul].

 5) [Soul] can be Registered in the Currency Wallet by Right-Clicking them in the Inventory.

 6) You can check the current amount of [Soul] that you have from the Inventory.

 7) Soul that have been Registered in the Currency Wallet can be Re-Purchased at a 1:1 ratio from[Currency Shop → Soul → Consumables].

  * The Info for all Registered Items have been Reset with the renewal of the Consignment Store.


2. [Soul] has been added to the Currency Shop.

 1) The Cash Items in the Item Shop can now also be purchased in the [Currency Shop → Soul] Shop.


3. [Ernest's Coin] has been added to the Currency Shop.

Ernest's Coin Store Items

Item Name


Token Cost


Vitality Recovery Potion Lv. 7




Rejuvenation Potion Lv.7




Mana Recovery Potion Lv. 7




Goddess Potion



- A Potion that instantly recovers HP, MP on use
- Cooldown is seperate from Rejuvenation Potions, Vitality Recovery Potions, and Mana Recovery Potions

Enhanced Blessing of the Goddess



A Blessing of the Goddess without Cooldowns

[High-Grade] Elixir Chest




Class Change Service



A product set containing 1 Class Change Ticket and 12 Morpheus' Scrolls

Pet Soul Crystal




[9th] Guardian Crystal




[9th] Destruction Crystal




Permanent Snow Accessory Fragment




[9th] Awakening Additive





4. The Max Level has increased to 154.

 1) Area Conquest(AC) → Achievements → Feats → Lv. 154 Achievement AC Feat Reward

  - 9th Equipment Exchange Ticket x1, Red Reagent x1, Blessing of the Goddess x3, Precise Israfil's Sandglass x3

 2) All [Top Climber] Titles will be Reset when the Max Level Increases.


5. A wave has been added to [Dungeon → Guild Dungeon → Daily Dungeon → Hall of Knowledge].

 1) Old Esmara Monsters will spawn in the added wave.

 2) You can acquire more EXP with the addition of the wave


6. Season 3 of Land of Eerie Silence has ended.


7. Some of the contents of the Swift Attack Quest have been changed.

 1) All 4 Sub-Quests that can be accessed after completing the [Giving Orders] Quest can now be accepted all at once.

 2) The Quest Mission for the “[Swift Attack] Sewer of Maze 4” Quest has been changed.

  - Before: [Captain] Dark Nacrat

  - Now: [Captain] Examiner Hugo

 3) The Quest Mission for the “[Swift Attack] Frozen Palace” Quest has been changed.

  - Before: [Boss] Bloodfrost Captain Gunther

  - Now: [Boss] Iceblade Captain Kirzen

 4) The terms of acceptance for the quest below have been changed.

  - [Swift Attack] Giving Orders 1 : Level 15 to 30 acceptable

  - [Swift Attack] Giving Orders 2 : Level 33 to 50 acceptable

  - [Swift Attack] Giving Orders 3 : Level 49 to 70 acceptable

  - [Swift Attack] Giving Orders 4 : Level 71 to 90 acceptable

  - [Swift Attack] Giving Orders 5 : Level 91 to 110 acceptable

  - [Swift Attack] Giving Orders 6 : Level 107 to 130 acceptable


8. If the Item Tooltip Length exceeds the set resolution, it can now be adjusted by the Mouse Wheel.


9. The Trade Types for Unique, Legendary, and Transcendence Grade Equipment have been changed.

 1) Cannot Be Traded upon Zard Equip


10. The Drop Rate for Awakening Additives has been reduced by approximately 15% for all of Serient.


11. The Spacing for the Quest(L) category has been adjusted.


12. The Gauge Bar when opening chests will not be displayed anymore.


13. Equipment cannot be unequipped in the Hall of Amusement anymore.


14. The Trade Requirements are now placed below the Bind Conditions in the Tooltip for Items.


15. Mail Items have been changed to new ones.

 1) The new Mail Items can be purchased through [Currency Shop → Soul → Consumables].

 2) Old Mail Items can be resold to Shops at the same price they were purchased for.


16. Crafting Dungeon Entry Tickets does not require Heim anymore.


17. The path has been fixed to not be blocked for Location 5 of the First Map of the Dungeon, [Sub 1] Scout the Valley Entrance.


18. The order of progression of the Helron's Castle quest below has been changed.

 1) Before: A Call from the City Council → Etherain Under Attack → Ignis’ Betrayal

 2) After: A Call from the City Council → Etherain Under Attack, Ignis’ Betrayal


19. Spirit's Shelter Field and Dungeon Monster Difficulty Down. (April 19, Added)

 1) Vitality 30% down

 2) Attack Stats 20% down


[Issues Fixed]

1. Fixed Basic Equipment Rating being missing from [8th] Armors.


Item Type

Equipment Rating

Common - Legendary



































Thank you.