Patch Note

General Patch Note (April 25)(UTC+9)



Welcome to the beginning of a new era with SUN Classic.


The following are the April 25, 2024 (Thu) Regular Maintenance Patch Notes.


[Functions Added]

1. [Equipment Exchange Ticket] can be traded at the Consignment Store.

 1) Consignment Store → Exchange Items (Soul) → Materials (7th to 9th Equipment Exchange Tickets available for registration)


2. The [Equipment Exchange Ticket] item has been added to the currency shop.

 1) You can now purchase items directly from the Currency Shop without going to the Equipment Exchange NPC shop in town.


3. [Equipment Exchange Ticket] has been added to the [Crafting → Enhancement → (Material Exchange)] item.

 1) You can exchange 1 ticket of the above tier for 1 ticket of the tier below.

  Ex: 1 9th Equipment Exchange Ticket → 1 8th Equipment Exchange Ticket


4. A function has been added to convert unwanted grade 3~7 Zards into a grade 3~5 random Zard box.

 1) By combining Zard and [Advanced] Zard Conversion Reagent into a cube, you can create a Faded Zard.

[Cube Synthesis]

  - [High-Grade] Zard Conversion Reagent x1 + Grade 3 Zard x5 = Faded Zard x1

  - [High-Grade] Zard Conversion Reagent x1 + Grade 4 Zard x5  = Faded Zard x3

  - [High-Grade] Zard Conversion Reagent x9 + Grade 5 Zard x5 = Faded Zard x9

  - [High-Grade] Zard Conversion Reagent x27 + Grade 6 Zard x5= Faded Zard 27

  - [High-Grade] Zard Conversion Reagent x81 + Grade 7 Zard x5 = Faded Zard x81

  ※ Only Zards of the same Type can be Synthesized together.


  - Weapon & Armor Zard Synthesis = Faded Zard (Weapon & Armor)

  - Accessory Zard Synthesis = Faded Zard (Accessory)

[New Zard Rate Up Random Box]

 1) Can be crafted in 'Craft > Enhancement > Zard

  - Faded Zard x1 + Heim = [Event] Grade 3 New Zard Rate Up Random Box x1

  - Faded Zard x3 + Heim = [Event] Grade 4 New Zard Rate Up Random Box x1

  - Faded Zard x9 + Heim = [Event] Grade 5 New Zard Rate Up Random Box x1

  ※ During the event period, we provide a random box with a 3x higher chance of obtaining a new Zard.

  ※ Event period: Until maintenance on May 30, 2024


[System Changes]

1. The equipment level restrictions for each class of Weapon/Armor/Ring/Necklace have been changed.


Previous Equip Level

Changed Equip Level





























2. [Currency Shop] tab configuration has changed.

 1) All currencies except event and equipment tickets have been changed to display icons.


3. The vertical spacing of the Quest (L) UI has been readjusted.


4. The shadow effects in Old Esmara's fields and dungeons and Esmara Village have been improved.


5. We have corrected the issue where the lowering of difficulty that took place on April 18th was not reflected in some monsters and dungeons.

 1) The DEF of Ordinary Monster 137 Totem of Fire in [Sub 1] Tree of Knowledge has been lowered.

 2) The VIT of some monsters in Astorea Valley has been adjusted downward.

  - Leader 141 Colosseum Executioner

  - Leader 141 Savage Hornet

 3) The ATK and DEF of the [Sub 2] Supply Route Block Operation monsters have been lowered.


6. The Old Esmara Commissioner monster has been changed to be a fire monster.


7. The number of dungeon completion times for the Swift Attack quest has been changed from 2 to 1.


8. The loot ownership type of Old Esmara field monsters has been changed to a probability type.


9. When using the hourglass, when the option type is changed, the probability for each option type has been changed so it is displayed.

 Ex) In the case of the 5th option of a Transcendent Weapon, the probability is displayed as follows

  - Base ATK (35%)

  - Skill Enhancement (35%)

  - All Elemental ATK (20%)

  - Critical Chance (10%)


[Issues Fixed]

1. The issue where the Skill ATK of some monsters in the Land of Eternity was set high has been fixed.

2. The issue where the Old Esmara Commissioner's stats were set to be the same as the Ancient Sanctuary has been corrected.

3. The issue where the 12 o'clock area in Old Esmara Field was not set as a conflict area has been fixed.

4. The issue where the [Ancient Warrior Brock] monster did not disappear even after the Hall of Knowledge ended has been fixed.

5. The issue where certain areas of Zapir Lake were set as safe zones has been fixed.

6. The issue in [Sub 1] Hidden Passage where progress was sometimes not possible after the second torch has been fixed.

7. The issue in Part 1 of [Sub 2] Power Struggle where progress was sometimes not possible has been fixed.


Thank you.