Patch Note

General Patch Note (July 11)(UTC+9)



Welcome to the beginning of a new era with SUN Classic.


The following are the July 11, 2024 (Thu) Regular Maintenance Patch Notes.


[New Events]

1. The 'Dungeon Attack AC Event' has begun.

 1) Please refer to the Event Page for details.

  [Go to event page]


2. The ‘Heim Store Event’ has begun.

 1) Please refer to the Event Page for details.

  [Go to event page]


3. 'Dungeon Entry Count Limit Increase Event' has begun.

 1) All Story Dungeon and Special Dungeon entry count limit has been increased by 1.


4. 'The Helper AC Event' has ended and begun again.

 1) Event Period: From July 11, 2024 (Thu) to July 25 (Thu) / Based on regular maintenance schedule

 2) Previous progression has been reset.


[Ended Events]

1. The Tournament's Best of Best event has ended.


2. [Currency Shop → Soul → Event] sale has ended.


[Functions Added]

1. The second region of Boares Mountains, [Sky Path Hills], has been added.

 1) Grassland and Snowy Plains region have been added to Sky Path Hills.

 2) Story Dungeon '[Sub 2] Crushed Pride' has been added.

 3) Relevant AC and quests have been added.

 4) Relevant Titles have been added.

  - Boares Mountains Wanderer


2. Special Dungeon [Monster Colosseum Lv.6] has been added.

 1) Relevant region's Area Conquest Daily Quest, AC, Entry Ticket Crafting have been added.


3. Special Accessory '[9th] Chaos Eye' has been added.

 1) [9th] Special Accessory Awakening and Evolution Materials have been added.

 2) Information regarding related items has been added to the Item Book.


4. [Artisan’s Equipment Box (Crushed Pride)] has been added.

 1) Box Items: One of [9th] Weapon, Gloves, Boots, Pants, Helmet, Armor can be obtained by chance.

 2) Added to [Currency Shop → Equipment Ticket → [9th] Equipment Exchange].

  - Can be obtained using 4 [9th] Equipment Exchange Ticket.


5. [Artisan’s Equipment Box (Capture the Capital)] has been added.

 1) Box Items: One of [9th] Weapon, Shirt, Belt, Protector can be obtained by chance.

  ※ This is a different item to the previous [Artisan’s Equipment Box (Capture the Capital)].

  ※ Name of the previous [Artisan’s Equipment Box (Capture the Capital)] has been changed to [Artisan’s Equipment Box (Boares Mountains)].

  ※ Content of the [Artisan’s Equipment Box (Boares Mountains)] remains the same.


6. The Tournament Schedule from July 12th to July 24th has been added.

 1) Tournament specifics are the same as before.


[System Changes]

1. Skill system has been changed.

 1) Skill level investment required to unlock the next row has been increased from Lv.10 to Lv.20.

 2) Skill Max Level has been increased from Lv.9 to Lv.11.

 3) Overall Skill Stat has been adjusted to meet the increased Skill Level.

 4) Skill information of all characters has been reset.

 5) For more detailed information, please check the in-game Skill Trees.

  ※ Skill/Stat Reset item has been sent to the Event Inventory.

  ※ Provided Skill/Stat Reset item is scheduled to be deleted during maintenance on July 25 (Thu), 2024.


2. The Max Level has been increased to 158.

 1) Area Conquest(AC) → Achievements → Feats → Reach Lv.158 has been added.

  - Reward: [9th] Equipment Exchange Ticket x1, Red Reagent x1, Blessing of the Goddess x3, Stabilized Soul Crystal Enhancement Stone x5

 2) [Top Climber] title has been recalled.

  ※ All [Top Climber] Titles will be reset when the Max Level increases.

 3) Reach Highest Level AC has been reset.


3. Auto Combat is no longer available in the regions below.

 1) Land of Eerie Silence Specifics

 2) Territory War


4. Connection Reward's content has been changed.

 1) Changed from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7th Equipment Ticket to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9th Equipment Ticket.

 2) Changed from Dimensional Fragment x1 to Dimensional Fragment x2

 3) Changed from Dimensional Fragment x2 to Dimensional Fragment x5


5. The price of [Quality Feed] under [Currency Shop → Adventurer Coin → Feed] category has been decreased.

 1) Before: Quality Feed x1 → Adventurer Coin x30

 2) Current: Quality Feed x10 → Adventurer Coin x15


6. The price of [Dimensional Fragment] under [Currency Shop → Ether Crystal → Entry Ticket] category has been changed.

 1) Before: Ether Crystal x2 → Dimensional Fragment x5

 2) Current: Ether Crystal x2 → Dimensional Fragment x10


7. Crafting and Item Book entries no longer in use has been removed.

 1) Crafting → Accessories → (Special Accessory Materials)

 2) Item Book → Enhancement Material → Special Accessory → (Old)Transcended Evolution Stone


8. Red Dot function has been added to [Event Inventory(EV)] button below the inventory.


9. Monsters appearing in the last wave of [Guild Dungeon → Daily Dungeon → Hall of Knowledge] has been changed.

 1) Big Beast Guard → Ether Extraction Surveillant

 2) Wraith's Fury → Grasshunter

 3) Heavy Blinder → Oliphaunt Archer

 4) Ancient Warrior Brock → Angry Mumakill

 5) Elite Guard Captain Kail → Captain Chuck Anchor


10. Story Dungeon, '[Main] Helron's Castle' minimum entry level and first completion experience changed.

 1) Minimum entry level: 108 → 107

 2) Experience value at first completion: 1,030,084 → 57,588,862


11. If a trigger-like forced movement occurs when an automatic battle is in a 'partial' state, the automatic battle range has been changed to reset based on the point where it was moved.


[Issues Fixed]

1. If Dragonknight initializes the stat in the 'Character Information' UI window in the 'Barehand Dragon Transform' state, only the number of times is deducted and the stat is not initialized has been corrected.

 1) Fixed to disable stat initialization in 'Barehand Dragon Transform' state.


Thank you.