The First Area Conquest Battle Event Information


Hello! We are the SUN Classic team.


The land at merged Ignis server is yet to be claimed by anyone.

So, we have prepared an Event to give a special reward to a Guild that conquers the land first.


Age of Anarchy! Be the first to conquer the area!


■ Event Period: From June 3, 2023 (Sat) to June 10, 2023 (Sat)/ (Conquest Battle Period)


■ Event Content

1. Reward will be given to a guild that emerge victorious in the first ever Area Conquest Battle on June 3rd (Sat).

2. Additional reward will be given to Guilds that rose victorious in the first ever Area Conquest Battle if they successfully defend the area during the Area Conquest Battle on June 10th (Sat).


■ Event Reward

1. Winning Guilds from The First Area Conquest Battle

 1) Given General Costume

  - Guild Master: General Costume (28 Days)

  - Guild member: General Costume (14 Days)

  - General Costume Options


Option Value

Base ATK


Base DEF


Skill ATK


Max. HP


Max. SD



2. Guilds that successfully defended their area after the First Conquest Battle

 1) Guild Master: Fimbulvetr Mount (Permanent)

 2) Guild Member: Badge Enhancement Material Box*10


3. Precautions

 1) There must be a record of participating in the Conquest Battle of the day to receive the reward. Guild Master is no exception.

  - If Guild Master did not participate in the battle, Guild Master reward will not be given.

 2) Event Rewards are given only once per account.

 3) If multiple characters from one account has participated in the Conquest Battle, the character that has participated in Conquest Battle first will be given the Event Reward.

 4) If Guild Master is changed after the battle, Guild Master at the time of the battle will be given the reward.

 5) Reward will not be given even after participating in Conquest Battle if you have left the Guild.


■ Reward Day: Thursday, June 15, 2023 (Thur)

  ※ Schedule may change depending on the situation.

  ※ Any changes to the schedule will be notified prior to the adjustment.


Be the first Guild to conquer the land and get various rewards!

We hope you enjoy this event!


Thank you.