Story Dungeon Equipment Boost Event


Hello. We are the SUN Classic team.


Clear Story Dungeons and obtain Equipment Exchange Ticket!


Clear time-consuming Story Dungeons!

We have prepared an event where you get Equipment Exchange Ticket for clearing Story Dungeons.


■ Event Period: From June 15, 2023 (Thu) to July 06 (Thu) / Based on regular maintenance schedule


■ Event Content

1. Clear Story Dungeons and acquire Equipment Exchange Ticket as clear reward during the event.

 1) Applicable Story Dungeons: Forest of Beasts ~ Aiort Graveyard

Area Name

Reward Equipment Ticket Drop

Acquisition Rate

The Forest of Beasts

1st Equipment Exchange Ticket


The Etherain Sewer

2nd Equipment Exchange Ticket


The Frozen Palace

3rd Equipment Exchange Ticket


Valley of the Dragonkin

4th Equipment Exchange Ticket


Aiort Graveyard

5th Equipment Exchange Ticket


2. Talk to the Equipment Exchange Event NPC at each village to exchange the ticket for equipments.


No. of Tickets Required

Rare Armor


Rare Weapon


Elite Armor


Elite Weapon


 1) Cannot use standard Equipment Exchange Ticket during the event.

 2) List of items available for exchange offered by the Equipment Exchange Ticket NPC will revert to original list of items after the event.

  - Cannot use Event Exchange Ticket once list of items revert to original list. Please use the acquired Exchange Ticket during the event period.

 3) Event Equipment Exchange Ticket will be deleted during maintenance on July 06, 2023 (Thu)


Clear Story Dungeons during the event and acquire equipments!


Thank you.