Lucky Monster Dungeon Event


Hello, we are the SUN Classic team.


The lucky event dungeon is back!


Defeat the Lucky Monsters that appear in the Event Dungeon and receive plenty of luck!

and earn rewards such as achieving AC and obtaining magical fragments!


■ Event Period: From May 30, 2024 (Thu) to June 27, 2024 (Thu) / Based on regular maintenance schedule


■ Event Details

1. You can enter the Event Dungeon 1 time per day.

2. You can only enter the Event Dungeon with an entry ticket.

 1) Tickets for the Event Dungeon can be purchased at the General Store in each town for 300,000 Heim.

3. After entering, click on the pot-shaped object to start the battle.

 1) A total of 3 Lucky Monsters will appear, and a time limit is set depending on the type of monster that appears.

 2) If you do not kill the monster that appears within the time limit, it will disappear, and the next monster will appear.

4. At the start of battle, special triggers may be activated by chance.

 1) When a special trigger is activated, only the same lucky monster appears 3 times in a row.

 2) After the special trigger is activated, the lucky monster that will appear among the two types of lucky monsters is once again determined by probability.

  - Edmund appears 3 times in a row

  - Slime appears 3 times in a row


■ Monster Appearance Info

1. Default Monsters

 1) Appear with 35%~50% reduced VIT compared to Lucky Monsters that appear on the field.

2. Special Monsters

 1) Edmund: Appears with 50% reduced VIT.

 2) Slime: Appears with 50% reduced VIT.

3. Monsters that appear in the Event Dungeon will drop the same items as Lucky Monsters on the field.

4. Similar to the field, when you defeat the Lucky Monster that appears in the Event Dungeon, the related AC is started.


Lucky Monster Dungeon Event!

We hope for everyone’s participation.


Thank you.