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Aiort Update Sneak Peek with [GM] D.NA! Part II


Hello, Adventurers!


Thank you so much for all the interest you have shown in the first sneak peek of the Aiort update. Today, we will take a look at the second part of the Aiort update.


In the second part of the Aiort update, the below will be introduced to the game.

1. New fields and dungeons

 -Field: Prison of Lost Souls, Cursed Stone Chamber

 -Dungeons: Altar of Darkness, Aiort Graveyard

2. New Items

 -Tier 5 weapons

 -Tier 5 helmet, boots, pants, and armor.

3. New level cap

 -The level cap will increase to 100.

4. New PvP

 -Blood Temple


Chapter1. New Fields and Dungeons

There will be two new fields and two new dungeons will be introduced in the second part of the Aiort update. I have brought the screenshot of each field and dungeons, Take a look!


● [Main] Aiort Graveyard

● [Sub4] Altar of Darkness

● Cursed Stone Chamber

● Prison of Lost Souls

Chapter2. New Items

Part 2 of the Aiort update will make your tier 5 gears a full set with helmet, boots, pants, armor, and the weapon. We have already introduced the full image of tier 5 set in the first sneak peek, and it is your time to get them in your hands! If you want to check their look, you can always find them in the first sneak peek of the Aiort update, or just use the below link.

 [ Aiort Update Sneak Peek with [GM] D.NA! Part I ]

Chapter3. New Level Cap

Level cap will be increase to 100 from 92 with the part 2 update. New foes are waiting for you and you must prepare yourself to be on the same level as your foe and get ready to destroy them all!


Chapter4. New PvP

It has been long-awaited for everyone who have enjoyed PvP. The Blood Temple is finally here. It will be the biggest clash of the guilds you never seen before, and it will be bloody. We have brought the look of those bloody arenas where many guilds will fight for their glory.


1. The look of the Blood Temple

● The Forest of Beasts

● Etherain Sewer

● Frozen Palace

● The Valley of the Dragonkin

● Aiort Graveyard

It is not just a look that I brought here, but I also brought the rules and details of the Blood Temple.


(1) How to participate

We are continuously adjusting the conditions and schedule, so please understand that it will be released when it is updated.

But I'll briefly explain how it works below.


(2) Rules

① You can enter the Blood Temple by clicking Temple Passage on the field. The guild needs to use King's Token to participate.

② The owner guild of the blood temple will be reset before the siege begins every Saturday.

③ The first guild that is imprinting successfully will be the master of the temple and will need to defend the crystal from their foe.

④ To give an advantage to the defending side, the below structures will be healed for certain HP.

    Ring of Blood, Blood Crystal, Hidden Gate, Castle Outskirts Gate

⑤ If defending side successfully defended their crystal for 10 minutes, the HP of Blood Crystal will be heald for a certain percentage of their max HP.

⑥ Guild member whose rank is Royal Guard Captain or higher will be allowed to imprint to the Blood Crystal.

    The Imprinting requires 10 seconds to be done.

⑦ The guild that owns the Blood Crystal by the end will win the blood temple.


(3) Rewards

① Owner guild will be allowed to kill the lucky monster that spawns inside of the blood temple.

② Owner guild will be able to earn multiple benefits like EXP boost, crafting success rate, and additional damage to lucky monsters.


We will introduce more details of the Blood Temple later.
Please note that this is not the final version and all contents in the sneak peek are subject to change when it is updated to the live server.


Thank you